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NY Special Edition – A Better Late Than Never Rundown.


Special Edition has been over for a couple of weeks now, and I’m finally recovering – doing booth and media duty was fantastic, but man, was my head swimming! I got to meet a lot of great people, see some fantastic art, and I met Gail Simone – and (hopefully) didn’t fangirl flail too much. Here’s my rundown. The show was great for fans who may be cowed by the general insanity of the big show in October. It was much smaller, and really gave both exhibitors/artists and fans the chance to talk to one another. I was on duty at the Reading with Pictures booth, where we were promoting the up and coming graphic textbook – it looks great, and I can’t wait to see more and more teachers using it to get comic books and graphic novels into the classroom! I also met some fellow comic-loving librarians, including a fellow Red Sonja fan. Only at Comic Con/Special Edition, folks! 004 Julie mentioned in one of her Tweets from the show that it was just so cool to walk around and meet the people whose work we write about on a day-to-day basis. I can’t agree  more. That’s why I loved the smaller size of this show. I was thrilled with the smaller size because as much as I love the “bigness” of the October show, it can get a little overwhelming.

I will say that I wanted to see more of a Batman Anniversary pump-up. October’s show had a whole series of Superman suits from the movies and TV shows, saluting the big anniversary, plus there were cape giveaways. Special Edition had a row of cardboard Batman standees leading to the main exhibit room; here’s hoping that in October, we get some movie/TV displays and giveaways.


There were so many great artists in Artist Alley this time around, and the chance have actual conversations with these guys and ladies made my day. It was great to see my Liberator, animal-loving buddy, Matt Miner, for instance, who said that Liberator: Earth Crisis has been doing well (which reminds me, I really need to review that series). I’m excited for whatever else he’s got in the works.  I had the pleasure of saying hi to Furious scribe Bryan J. Glass, who made me promise to give Furious a series write-up, now that it’s concluded – will do, Bryan! It’s always good to check in with M3’s Erica Schultz, too – and I got the new issue of M3, so, bonus! And if you haven’t been reading M3, WHY? Revisit Nancy’s article on the series, and then head over to Erica’s site and get yourself some digital comics.

I also got to check in with Mike Lily, who’s doing covers for Zenescope these days. They’re amazing, and I’m going to be reviewing a few of those soon enough, because I can’t get enough of Mike’s work. His rendering of Alice in Wonderland as a mental patient is outrageous! I have a little collection of Mike’s work in my home, but every time I check out his booth, I realize that I need more. His son is following in Dad’s footsteps, too – he was doing his own commissions at NYCC last year, and was working on some new pieces at Special Edition. He may be displaying his artwork at my library’s Batman Day event at the end of this month, so I’ll post pictures if he does.

There was so much fangirling to be done. I got to meet Jerry Gaylord, the artist on Loki Ragnarok & Roll and Fanboys vs Zombies. Howard Chaykin was a perfect gentleman, who signed my Red Sonja #1 from 1977, and Frank Cho signed one of my favorite Red Sonja covers of all time, Savage Red Sonja #1. Jenny Frison, one of my favorite current Red Sonja artists, signed a couple of my Red Sonja issues, plus a print.

And then… one of my finest moments in fangirling happened.


I met Gail Simone and her husband, Scott (who is as awesome as everyone who meets him claims). I managed to hold it together, for the most part, but as my friend Piera put it, “You flailed a little.” I’ll take that. Gail, Scott, and I had a couple of minutes before the crowds hit on Sunday morning (the line to meet/sign stretched around the back of the hall on Saturday) to talk Red Sonja and Batgirl. Scott asked me what I liked about Red Sonja, and we agreed that her vulnerability being the heart of her strength is the huge appeal, and that Gail is masterful in the way that she brings that out. We also talked Batgirl, Death of the Family, and Killing Joke – which Scott mentioned drove Gail crazy, in terms of Barbara Gordon being “refrigerated” by Joker. Which makes Death of the Family storyline putting her up against Joker again even more amazing.

I got to meet so many great people and see so much gorgeous artwork. I think, next time, I’ll have to bring my laptop to the show and post live. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with my favorite picture of the day – three of your intrepid WhatchaReaders, doing as we do.


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