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Nothing Elementary About It – Sherlock Gets POPs!


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One of the Funko POP! vinyl figures that we’ve greatly been looking forward to at What’cha Reading is the POP! Television line for BBC’s Sherlock.  The line of ten vinyl figures was announced this past August and just over a month later we have our first POP! vinyl figures releasing.  We got our hands on two of the Sherlock Holmes vinyls featuring the POP version of Benedict Cumberbatch’s beloved “high-functioning sociopath.”  We’re in love with them and there really is nothing elementary about it!

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For those interested in collecting or just curious to learn of who is represented in the Sherlock POP! super-stylized vinyl figures, here is the list:

  • Sherlock Holmes #284
  • Dr. John Watson #285
  • Jim Moriarty #286
  • Mycroft Holmes #287
  • Irene Adler #288
  • Sherlock with violin #289
  • Sherlock with skull #290 * This is a Hot Topic exclusive.
  • Sherlock [Deerstalker Hat] #291
  • Sherlock with apple #292
  • Moriarty with crown #293 *This is currently a Hot Topic exclusive pre-release.
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The two Sherlock POP! Television vinyls we have are Sherlock with violin #289 and Sherlock with skull #290, which is the Hot Topic exclusive.  Both POP vinyl figures remarkably capture Benedict Cumberbatch and are great examples of the work Funko has been delivering with their vinyl figures.  While some initially weren’t as highly detailed and offered a more simplistic take on the characters, the design work that goes into each current POP has an impressive level of detail and charm.
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The POP! vinyl figure of Sherlock Holmes is undeniably Sherlock and brings to mind Funko’s recent work on their Doctor Who line of POPs.  The Sherlock with violin is impressive as the detail and paint application on his suit and violin accessory is pretty spot on.  With the exception of a few places on the vinyl, it really is an exceptional figure that fans of the series and Benedict Cumberbatch will not want to miss.  The most impressive aspect of the Sherlock POP! is of how well they captured his hair.  The length, trussles, and waviness are all spot on as well.

IMG_2299 - Copy IMG_2296 - Copy IMG_2297 - Copy

There isn’t any difference in Sherlock POPs such as the Hot Topic exclusive and main figure.  However, and keep in mind this is more to do with manufacturing, the paint and cleanness of the Hot Topic Sherlock with skull is visibly better than Sherlock with violin.  The paint on his face, along with his hair, are a little brighter too.

I’m very happy with the way the Sherlock POPs came out and it’s been a long time coming.  These characters have been customized by countless artists and designers so it’s nice to see that Funko decided to finally produce them.  It’s a very popular series and has a devoted fan base with more merchandise on the way.  Fans can expect these to start hitting store shelves now.

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