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Review “North Shore Paranormal” from Michael Patrissy –


If you read this site you know I love indie comics, well it doesn’t get more indie than this one. On “Free Comic Book Day” (May 5th) I was at Royal Collectibles in Forest Hills, as usual, talking with some of the staff and customers. Diane and I were discussing American Dark Age, of our favorite truly independent comics when a customer browsing nearby mentioned that a friend of his had an indie title called North Shore Paranormal. He goes on to tell me he’s a local guy who does all the writing and art and publishing. Now I’ve heard this a bunch of times, sometimes it’s someone with a comic book, sometimes it’s someone with some sketches that they’re trying to get published.

But I write for this website now.
I review comics.
I want to bring stuff to people that they haven’t seen eight billion times before.

So I do a little research and low and behold it is a comic! And guess what? Not only is it an honest to goodness comic, it’s an original story idea! And, it’s good! Here’s a little bit about “North Shore Paranormal”.

From the site: “Two unemployed friends with no experience or belief in the paranormal find themselves hosting a documentary style TV show about ghosts and other supernatural phenomena. Creepiness and hilarity ensue.”

Creepiness and hilarity indeed! That blurb really doesn’t do it justice. Charlie and Mo are average working guys or at least Charlie is, Mo has given up on office work and is doing open mic stand up. When one of their “friends” at the club get set up an interview with a reality show producer, Charlie thinks it’s pointless but Mo sees an opportunity.

By the end of issue one our intrepid heroes have braved the meetings, dealt with producers, and made it to the filming of the pilot. A pilot which is being filmed at a shut down asylum, where only a year before two children were found brutally murdered.

Here’s a sample of the artwork from issue one.

Issue two opens right where we left off, at the asylum trying to film a pilot. Things are definitely happening at the Vanderbuilt Home for the Mentally Ill and our two “experts” just may be in over there heads, way over. It may not show in the images I’ve posted but this is a horror comic for mature readers. Issue two has some great creepy stuff in it.

Things come to a head pretty quickly in issue three (maybe a little too quickly?). By the end we don’t really have many answers but we’ve had a fun trip. I trip I recommend taking. Michael hints at the end that there’s more to come from this duo, I’m looking forward to it. Keep you eye on Michael Patrissy more good things will be coming from this guy, count on it.

All three issues of North Shore Paranormal are (should be) available digitally at the authors site, as well as print copies in some local comic shops. Issue one is free to read at Graphicly. Give this series a shot, I think you’ll find it worth your while.

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