Noir from Dynamite, an Excellent Miniseiries with the Perfect Balance of Light & Dark. ~ What'cha Reading?

Noir from Dynamite, an Excellent Miniseiries with the Perfect Balance of Light & Dark.


I grew up listening to Old Time Radio shows. My parents were collectors of them. One of my favorites was always The Shadow. Part superhero, part vigilante he appealed to my romantic view of how my heroes should really be. Embracing their darker sides to take care of problems civilized society can’t handle on its own. Over the years this evolved into an appreciation of stories set in the same time and setting as the Shadow.

TNNoir01CovSyafNOTFINALNoir is such a story. It features a team up of one the Shadow’s villains, the Black Sparrow, a mercenary and thief, who often plays Catwoman to the Shadow’s Batman, and Miss Fury, one of the first female superheroes.  The pairing is a fun one to say the least.

Black Sparrow is hired to steal the Moon Stone, which she succeeds in doing but decides the price agreed upon isn’t good enough so she reneges on the deal. Unfortunately this goes badly for her and she seeks help from the Shadow to extricate her from the mess she’s gotten herself into.  While he does help, she ends up discovering a new ally, Miss Fury.

Miss Fury and the Black Sparrow are a fascinating pair because they are not so dissimilar even though they are on opposite sides of the law. They are both reckless, wild and a little broken which makes them both quite dangerous to those around them. Together they could have a lot of fun or cause a great deal of havoc. Most likely both.

Noir captures it’s time period perfectly. As well as the untamed nature of its heroines who don’t fit in the boxes the period offers for them. So far it’s a rollicking ride of two kindred spirits enjoying the discovery of another who shares their sense of adventure. It will be interesting to see what happens when they’re goals start to clash, as they no doubt will.


The writing hits just the right note of light and dark and keeps you turning the pages. The art is excellent for evoking the noir-ish atmosphere it’s going for. It definitely gets it right in all aspects.

Noir is a definite 5 out of 5 stars. I’m loving this mini-series. It makes me want to go check out Miss Fury’s solo title to get to know her more. Add it to your pull list. You won’t regret it.

Noir #2
Writer: Gischler, Victor
Artist: Mutti, Andrea
Cover Artist: Syaf, Ardian
The Black Sparrow and Miss Fury are a team-up that makes Thelma & Louise look like a couple of girl scouts selling cookies. They’ve got wind of a long-hidden, secret Templar treasure, but they need the man with the clues to help them find it. That man just happens to be under police guard and unconscious in a Newport hospital, a Mowhawk Indian with a past. The ladies decide to break him out of the hospital, and they don’t go about it gently.
Price: $3.99
UPC: 72513020931300211
On Sale: December 04, 2013
Publisher: Dynamite
Diamond Id: OCT131090

Noir #1
Writer: Gischler, Victor
Artist: Mutti, Andrea
Cover Artist: Syaf, Ardian
Prelude to Miss Fury! When thieves steal from other thieves it always causes problems, doesn’t it? So when The Black Sparrow is hired to steal a mysterious ‘Moon Stone’ from a museum in New York, her decision to keep the thing for a better payday annoys her former employers who then steal it back from her. Now it’s The Black Sparrow who is annoyed, and that’s a dangerous thing. All she wants is what she stole fair and square, but she needs help. She needs The Shadow!
Price: $3.99
UPC: 72513020931300111
On Sale: November 13, 2013
Publisher: Dynamite
Diamond Id: SEP131056

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