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The Ninth Doctor Gets His Ongoing Series! Fantastic!


Any current fan of Doctor Who that says they don’t have a bit of a soft spot for the Ninth Doctor is nuts. Not my favorite actor to take on the role of The Doctor (that would be the Tenth played by David Tennant followed by the Fourth played by Tom Baker) Christopher Eccleston was my favorite Doctor at the time. Comic writer Caravan Scott describes his performance in an interview with our own Julie Hegner last year.

The amazing thing about Nine is that we only knew him for 10 stories, but he gave us so much. Angst. Laughs. Anger. Regret. Hope. And of course that’s all to do with the writers and Christopher Eccleston’s wonderful performance. –  April 23 2015

And he had arguably the finest cast in Rose and Captain Jack. Their chemistry was undeniable. This chemistry is what Titan attempted to capture, and succeeded, in their first foray into Ninth Doctor territory a year ago. But that was a mini series. So even with the previous comic the Ninth Doctor has had so little screen time an ongoing series was a no brainer.

The feeling was that their story as a team hadn’t been told. Jack joins in “The Doctor Dances” and then, wham, they’re a unit by “Boom Town.” And what a unit! They work so well, but sadly we only hear about a lot of their stories and they’re soon broken up by the events of Parting of the Ways. We wanted to see at least one more of those missing adventures. –  April 23 2015

So how’s the book? Can I say it? Yea I’ll say it… FANTASTIC! Caravan Scott and Adriana Melo nail it. Pacing spot on, dialog spot on, visuals spot on. Scott even gives us a cliff hanger. Here’s the official plot blurb.

The Ninth Doctor is BACK – and this time he’s ONGOING! In Part 1 of ‘DOCTORMANIA’, the Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack uncover a mysterious video. Tracking down its source could help Jack uncover why his mind was wiped – but the first step takes the Doctor to a planet where he is, inexplicably, a celebrity!

That’s as good a tease as any but none of the things mentioned are what they seem, and in only the best Doctor Who way possible. I have to say I hope Chris Chibnall, the new show runner, has an eye on these Titan books he could definitely find some writers ready to take on season 10!

Here’s a preview, followed by a cover gallery for The Ninth Doctor #1

Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor  #1 
Writers: Cavan Scott
Artist: Adriana Melo
Colorist: Mateus Lopes
Publisher: Titan Comics
FC – 32PP – $3.99 – On Sale: April 13

The Ninth Doctor Gets His Ongoing Series! Fantastic! 9D_Series_01_PREVIEW

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