Nightcrawler Film Trailer Review - The Magic of Good PR ~ What'cha Reading?

Nightcrawler Film Trailer Review – The Magic of Good PR


What’cha reading? What’cha watching? We’d like to know. One of our greatest sources of prides at What’cha Reading is that we’re all in this together. We love our movies, comic books, and television programs, and we all have a tendency to become extremely enthusiastic over what we enjoy. So it is with great excitement that I get to talk to you about one particular trailer that has stood out – an upcoming film, by Open Road Films, and starring Jake Gyllenhaal – a crime thriller titled “Nightcrawler.”

Nightcrawler Film Trailer Review - The Magic of Good PR

Walking into the theater for “Gone Girl”, I knew immediately that I was going to enjoy it. It stars Ben Affleck, is directed by David Fincher, and is based on one of the most compelling and creepily paced of novels written by Gillian Flynn. But, the first trailer shown, mesmerized me, and enchanted me in such a way that I couldn’t wait for “Gone Girl” to finish, just so I could politely take out my phone and immediately like “Nightcrawler” on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The film, which opens October 31, debuted it’s latest trailer about a month ago and was shown before today’s viewing of “Gone Girl.” I was vaguely aware of the movie, especially since Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance is said to be quite reminiscent of Mr. Robert DeNiro’s performance in the classic film, “Taxi Driver.” Other than that, I did not know much else, nor was this film on my radar. Therein lies the magic of PR and marketing, for a film that I was not originally planning on seeing, in a little over two minutes, I was transported to a world that I absolutely had to play in. I was given a glimpse of a film that soon became a must see and a haunting cover of the Ten Years After song, “I’d Love To Change The World” that will be a pleasantly welcome earworm for the following days.

The film, being released under Open Road Films and directed by Dan Gilroy (making his directorial debut; having written the screenplays for such films as “The Fall“ and “The Bourne Legacy”) concerns itself with the volatile, fast paced world of free lance crime journalism. At it’s center is star, Jake Gyllenhaal, inhabiting the role of social misfit, unhinged, and driven young man named Lou Bloom. Desperately trying to make a name for himself and enter the cut throat world of journalism, Lou Bloom positively reinforces his potential employers (and possibly himself) with lines such as “I’m a hard worker, I set high goals, and my motto is if you want to win the lottery, you have to make the money to buy the ticket.” As a completely sociopathic character, who is chasing his goal, from ambulance to car accident, from car jacking to home invasion, all to accomplish his “American dream”, Jake Gyllenhall ignites each second of the 2:29 trailer.

The trailer, which infers that Bloom is crossing the line between “night crawling” and ambulance chasing, from being a stepping over boundaries purveyor to a respected yet questionable journalist, it’s easy to walk away from this feeling excited about a potential, sure fire classic in the vein of “Drive“, “Collateral”, and “Taxi Driver.” Maybe it’s just me, possibly being someone quick to fall in love with a stylish edit and catchy soundtrack, or possibly someone who loves their on-screen anti-heroes, but “Nightcrawler” has spoken to me in such a way that is a constant reminder of how powerful a movie could impact the viewer. “Nightcrawler” is a vision from the movie gods of just how magical a film could be when handled with enough love for the importance of making movies in the first place. “Nightcrawler” is surely on my list and it should be on yours, too. So please check out the trailer and maybe you will also be caught up in the police sirens and natural mayhem that comes with the territory of night crawling!

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