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News on the Hellblazers Front—Save Constantine!

News on the Hellblazers Front—Save Constantine!


As news begins to trickle in on the future of some of the so-called “bubble shows,” the question that’s been haunting our staff Hellblazers is “But what about Constantine?!?” There was some early speculation that NBC would move the show over to SyFy and rename it Hellblazer, keeping the full cast. The beauty of this plan is that cable TV isn’t as rigid about what can be shown as network TV, with the idea that this transition would allow the show to explore the darker elements of the comics (although NBC did go pretty dark this season). But that was two months ago, so what’s going on with our show?

Over the weekend, showrunner Daniel Cerone let the Hellblazer faithful know about the timeline NBC is working on.

No doubt that means we won’t get a final decision until sometime in May, and it doesn’t intimate which channel the show would end up on–are they deciding for NBC or for SyFy? Whichever it is, though, this tweet makes it sound pretty final. If the pitch meeting doesn’t go well, no Season 2 of Constantine. So calling all Hellblazers, let’s make some noise on social media until the meeting happens letting NBC know we haven’t given up and we want to spend more time with our favorite Master of the Dark Arts. #SaveConstantine!




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