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New York Comic Con 2013 – Deadpools! Coulson’s Car! And Librarians?



imgresSo NYCC is put to bed for 2013, and it was a memorable one. It was the first one I’d been to since 2009 or 2010, and I was there the entire four days this time around.

Let’s talk about the Con itself – it was MASSIVE. There were people everywhere, and it was all four days. There was no day where I could say, “Yeah, it wasn’t too crowded today”; people came out in force for this show. Although it was wall-to-wall people, though, I will say that the foot traffic was pretty well-handled this year, as opposed to years past. There were some good vendors, and Artist’s Alley could have been a con all on its own, it was such a massive space. I picked up some great art and finally got to meet JL8‘s Yale Stewart and Liberator‘s Matt Miner, which was a big kick. Biggest kick of all? Having Project Rooftop/Butterfly‘s Dean Trippe challenge my 10 year-old to a Magic: The Gathering tournament, with Josh Elder, the founder and president of Reading with Pictures, overseeing.

nycc_magic tournament

The cosplay was amazing this time around. Yeah, there were the usual Deadpools running around, and SO many people sporting Homestuck horns, but there were also some insanely creative cosplayers. There were three dead Robb Starks, all of whom inspired everyone around them to cheer, “King of the North!” while simultaneously crying, “Too soon! Too soon!” (or maybe that was just me…) I saw a Mister Sinister that made me want to run home and re-read my Messiah Complex and Original Sin issues all over again. There was some great steampunk, too. All in all, I was really happy with the cosplay and that seems to be the consensus.

nycc_robbstark nycc_batman_freeze nycc_sinister nycc_transformer

Walking around, I saw Lola, otherwise known as Agent Coulson’s car from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and a celebration of Superman’s 75th by showing Supes’ costumes from Christopher Reeve’s through to Henry Cavill’s. The Walking Dead’s new game, Chop Shop, had a great setup in the middle of the floor, with a “Dead Outside” car that people were lined up to check out. I also saw Mega Blocks’ stand promoting their Call of Duty sets, which have immediately landed a spot on my teenager’s Christmas list.

nycc_lola nycc_superman

nycc_walking dead chop shop nycc_call of duty_2

nycc_call of duty

What I’m really proud of this Con was that I was able to staff the booth for our friends, Reading with Pictures. RWP was promoting the upcoming graphic textbook, which looks fantastic – there are lessons by some great comic artists in there, and all of them are in line with the Common Core Learning Standards. Educators, homeschoolers, and librarians alike were really interested in the textbook, so let’s hope we start seeing more comics in the classroom!

In addition to working with RWP, I got to stroll the floor and even hit a panel. I attended the Fandoms in the Library panel run by Samantha Marker and Kate Kosturski, both of whom I’ve followed on Twitter for a while. The panel was great – imagine sitting in a library panel and talking about Sherlock fanfiction? These are things that are happening, and they are getting kids of all ages into the libraries. As a librarian whose patrons range from birth-6th grade, more of my fandoms include the Sesame Street (ElmAb? GrovMo?) and Curious George set (let’s not think about George and the Man in the Yellow Hat, please), but I emerged from the panel with great ideas to bring to my storytime kids, and a great feeling that my fellow librarians are getting it done.

Finally, I got to take pictures with Deadpool AND a Dalek. What’s a cooler way to end Con?

nycc_deadpool  nycc_dalek

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