New York Comic Book Marketplace Rundown ~ What'cha Reading?

New York Comic Book Marketplace Rundown


I decided to make my triumphant return to comic conventions on a smaller, more manageable scale in preparation for the insanity that is NYCC later this year; I hit New York Comic Book Marketplace, happening over at the Penn Hotel this past Saturday. I remember going to this show back when it was the Big Apple Con, so it’s nice to know it’s still around.

NYCBM, run by Mike Carbo, took up one floor in the Penn, and consisted of a giant exhibitor area, Artists’ Alley, and a small room where some panels were being held that I never got a chance to check out. The exhibitor room was where I got caught up with a lot of good trades that I’d needed to fill in some collection holes, and some back issues I’d had on my wish list (Deadpool, baby. Deadpool.) I even picked up an X-Men #137 in decent condition for only $3, which made me happy.

George Pérez and Chris Claremont were there, so I was very excited – it’s been a while, so I’d forgotten about the LINES. When I got on the Pérez line, it was long, but looked like it could move pretty quickly. Until I heard one of the volunteers mention that Mr. Pérez had a 25-item MAXIMUM. AND he was sketching. This line was not going anywhere anytime soon, so I decided to take my chances inside and see who else I could meet. I managed to see Brian O’Halloran – Dante, from Kevin Smith’s Clerks, and resisted the urge to ask him if he was even supposed to be there today. Guy probably heard that all day long. Claremont was late, and the line was wrapping around the room as it was, so I gave up that ship before it even sailed.

That said, I did get to meet some very cool artists. I picked up a great Mark Morales Dark Phoenix print that he signed for me, and I ended up hanging out with Mike Lily for a little while as he sketched a fantastic Batman for my son, who’s in the same class as his kid. I know, right?

batman_lily sketch

If you ever hit a con and see Mindy Indy hanging out at a table, go over immediately and say hello. The fact that she worked on Deadpool Max brought me over there; the fact that she is personable and funny and her cartoon, The Misfortune Cookie, is hilarious kept me there. She sketched a great Deadpool for me, too. Seriously, keep an eye out for her and don’t be afraid to go say hi. She’s awesome.


I also met Eric M. Cooper, whose book, Knightseeker, looks promising. Keep an eye on this space, because I’ll be reviewing it soon. He was so happy to be there, in the thick of it all, talking with anyone who stopped by the table and promoting his work. People who love what they do and want to talk about it? Give me more of that.


All in all, it was a good day spent with good people. I realized that I really need to develop a convention strategy again, that I want far too many toys, and that if there is a God,  he doesn’t want me to win the lottery because, toys. And more toys. So many toys. I’m looking forward to the next show. Now excuse me while I rifle through my longboxes and double-check on which back issues of X-Men I still need…

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