New week, new comics! Creator Owned Comics #6 is a creators best friend ~ What'cha Reading?

New week, new comics! Creator Owned Comics #6 is a creators best friend


So the snow is falling here in New York and I’ve got a lovely pile of books to pass the time with.

No that ain't all of them!

Here’s my thoughts on a few of them….

First up Creator Owned Heroes, this monthly comic / magazine from Image is really a great book. Chock full of interviews and serialized comics and only $3.99! Hear that Dark Horse Presents?

This month Darwyn Cooke joins COH! Opening the issue with a great letter about upcoming projects we’re then treated to Mr. Cook’s Alex Toth tribute story “The Alex”. Up till now this story had only been printed in a free comic book day book, Comics Festival.

That was followed up by Jimmy Palmiotti’s welcome letter to Darwyn. If you’ve read any of Jimmy’s columns you know he’s a brilliant writer. And totally nuts. One of my favorite things about this monthly is the articles, Justin Gray treats us to a piece on character and plot which he opens with “Characters are the most important part of any story. I firmly believe this.” His argument completely affirms the statement and changed the way I view the importance of the character in a long-running series.

The second chapter of Steve Niles and Jay Russel’s “Black Sparrow” is a gut punch of a conclusion. It will definitely inspire some nightmares in a few of you. Steve Bunche (ex Marvel and DC/Vertigo grunt) gives some interesting advice on what sort of reading should go into a writer’s toolbox.

One of the high points of this month was the interview from Steve Niles “A conversation with Bernie Wrightson”, reading a discussion by these two concerning Bernie’s career long love affair with Frankenstein was fascinating and the accompanying artwork was amazing! Then Palmiotti and Gray’s Kill Switch part two kicked the action in the espionage thriller into high gear. And to end an already great issue we have an article on what comic creators can do to begin and maintain a relationship with retailers. Written by J.C. Vaughn, Associate Publisher of the Overstreet Price Guide and creator of Vampire PA and Co-creator of Zombie-Proof, this article is invaluable to the independent creators out there.

Every month Jimmy and his crew of nut-jobs bring information and entertainment to a hungry crowd of fans and creators alike. And they bring it to us for $3.99. I love this book and it’s $3.99! At around 48 pages that’s an insane comic value. Buy this book.

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