New Webcomic 'Heroes of Homeroom C' Launches! ~ What'cha Reading?

New Webcomic ‘Heroes of Homeroom C’ Launches!

New Webcomic 'Heroes of Homeroom C' Launches!

Cover Art by Mister Hope, quite a different look than the actual comic…

What’s the sign of a good writer? Versatility. And The F1rst Hero writer/creator Anthony Ruttgaizer definitely has it! His newest project the webcomic Heroes of Homeroom C is a definite departure from The F1rst Hero. Though it starts off as a superhero book we know from the conversation we had with Anthony in November that his brother and sister superhero team will be facing some tough changes it the future, “After twin twelve year old superheroes lose their powers in battle, their govt scientist parents move the family back to their hometown of “Tranquil, MA”.  Anthony told What’cha Reading, But even “normal life” isn’t going to stay normal for too long for the Hathaway Twins.” (you can read more of that interview with Anthony Rut here: Anthony Ruttgaizer talks F1RST HERO & A Brand New Webcomic!).

He’s teamed up with Carlos Granda whose dark kind of creepy style on Pirouette (Pirouette #1 – A Dark Tale of Hope) blew us away, I wonder how he’ll handle something as seemingly normal as Middle School?

The webcomic launched yesterday, January 5th, and is scheduled to update on a Mondays and Thursdays. Find it here:

Here’s the press release:

How does life change when you have to stop fighting giant monsters and evil villains and start worrying about book reports and math quizzes? Find out in the pages of HEROES OF HOMEROOM C.

HEROES OF HOMEROOM C is a brand new webcomic, online for the first time today, that tells the story of The Hathaway Twins, Albert and Nicola, a pair of 12 year old superheroes who lose their powers and are sent back to middle school by their scientist parents.

The FIRST TWO PAGES of Heroes of Homeroom C are now ONLINE AND FREE at our website, The site will update two pages on Mondays and Thursdays this week and next week before settling into a two pages per week schedule (One on Monday and one on Thursday) starting on January 19th. The first series is scheduled for five 22-page chapters and will run for the entirety of 2015. For your maximum reading enjoyment, use the link included in this message to begin on the cover for Chapter 1 and then click NEXT to read the story in order. And remember to check back this Thursday for two brand new pages!

Created and written by Anthony Ruttgaizer (The F1rst Hero)
Illustrated by Carlos Granda (Pirouette, Grimm Fairy Tales, Charmed)
Lettered and Coloured by Fred C Stresing (The F1rst Hero, Regular Show, Hello Kitty)
Cover Art by Mister Hope

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