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New Ultimate Spider-Man Digital Comics –!


New Ultimate Spider-Man Digital Comics -! continues to add cool stuff. This time around it’s brand new Ultimate Spider-Man comics! These aren’t your standard pdf’s these are guided view comics, a story-telling style I don’t love but I do understand its appeal. Don’t worry if you or your kids aren’t familiar with guided view it’s pretty simple to grasp…


The site looks great it’s easy to navigate has lots of content and is a perfect distraction for those mid week no new comic blues…

With new digital issues arriving every week, the Ultimate Spider-Man series begins with’s ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #1: I THINK I’M PARANOID. After a routine run-in with the villainous Jack O’Lantern, Spider-Man is convinced that his spider-sense is on the fritz, when it starts warning him of danger seemingly at random. Turns out, there’s a bigger threat than Jack O’Lantern to worry about, though.

In addition to the high-flying action within Ultimate Spider-Man, fans can take on the role of Spider-Man in a variety of interactive and amazing games and take part in an exciting web of activities including Spider-Man downloadable coloring pages, mazes, and word searches.

There’s nine issues available of the Ultimate Spider-man book, and though the art is very digital (and uncredited?) it’s still fun. And the games and activities are pretty cool too, as we showed you back in November of 2014 – New Spider-Man Site – Destination or Extended Commercial?

I’d say the site is (still) worth a look, especially in these dog days of summer. My kids are going, and driving me, a little nuts maybe this will help?

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