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New Uglydolls for 2016!


New Uglydolls for 2016!


Introduced in 2001 the Uglydolls toy line is filled with adorable little monsters you just want to bring home. I remember when I brought one home from New York Comic Con for my daughter one year she was probably three years old and somehow this weird looking little thing took up residence with all her favorite cute little dolls and stuffed animals. Seems beauty is in the eye of the beholder! I have a funny feeling rather than asking for another doll my now ten year old will prefer the new keychains, seems Grammar school backpacks are just screaming to be adorned with key chains of all types. I’m thinking Frank will probably be her first. Okay I’m going to buy her Frank because I think he’s cool.

Here’s a peak at the new Uglydolls coming out this year, maybe there’s one you want to bring home! Pre-order your favorites at and head over to for more info.


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