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New Lego Commercial – Are They Finally Speaking TO Girls?


I have kids (duh) and one of those kids happens to be a girl. And full disclosure we own A LOT of Lego. Now I’ve reviewed lots of books aimed at her, and more than a few toys. My biggest complaint is that so many things pander to the gender gap instead of addressing it. I have long looked for a toy, or a toy company, that while everyone is shouting “Look look! We have non-traditional toys for girls!” they instead say, “Here’s a great toy, and guess what it’s good for girls too.”

Lego disappointed me a little with the Lego Friends sets. While the bricks are standard the mini-figs and block colors were just as pigeon-holing to girls (larger than standard figs and the bricks are primarily pink and purple). Well it seems Lego has finally figured it out. Their newest commercial focuses not on the cute, or trendy, or fashoin-y -ness of the sets but really talks about what’s important, the creativity involved.

Take one minute and watch this one, it’s worth it…

From the youtube page:

Inspire her to use her imagination and watch her #KeepBuilding amazing creations with LEGO bricks- because you taught her how to think and dream.  Visit… for inspiration to help families #KeepBuilding!

Pay attention toy companies, that commercial just made this dad want to go out and buy even more Lego!

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