New From Titan Comics This Week; Tomorrowland! Thrud! The First Kingdom! ~ What'cha Reading?

New From Titan Comics This Week; Tomorrowland! Thrud! The First Kingdom!


This week sees Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike’s battle continue against The Nameless One, a Thrud collection, and the first in six post-apocalyptic graphic novels by Jack Katz!

TomorrowLand_3_COVER_Color_130401 (1)

Tomorrowland #3: The music-driven ride of your life continues, from Paul Jenkins, the Eisner award-winning writer of Wolverine: Origin and The Darkness!

Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, DJs at the world-renowned Tomorrowland festival, have been chosen as the Keepers of Creativity. Ranged against the Destructive forces of the Nameless One, they only have a year to come up with an event that will recharge the creative batteries of the whole universe – and with demons, monsters and the forces of Fate in the way, it’s going to be a tall order. These DJs no longer have to make just music – at this year’s festival, they need to make history!

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Tomorrowland #3
Writer: Paul Jenkins
Artist: Alti Firmansyah, Beny Maulana of Stellar Labs
Publisher: Titan Comics
On sale: 25/09/2013

Thrud_The_Barbarian_GN_Cover_webThrud The Barbarian:  The Eagle-Award-winning barbarian parody series is collected at last!

Thrud the Barbarian leads a simple life, one of popping down to his local pub, quaffing a few tankards of ale and starting a fight in which everyone else is beaten senseless. After which comes the wenches! Hurrah!

Trouble is, there always seems to be someone with a quest to interrupt his peace, quiet and packet of crisps…

In his first-ever collection, Thrud faces down a necromancer (FWAP! SPLATT! THWOK!), protects his beer against fierce Frost Giants (THWOP! KER-THUNK!), faces his arch-nemesis (MASH! THWACK! THUNKTHUNKTHUNK!), assumes the role of the king he accidentally killed (POK!) and gets his pint spilled on a mission into the depths of the jungle (SPLUTCH!)!

ThrudSAMPLE1_web ThrudSAMPLE2_web

ThrudSAMPLE3_web ThrudSAMPLE4_web

Thrud The Barbarian
Writer/Artist: Carl Critchlow
Price: $19.99
Release: 09/24/2013



The First Kingdom vol. 1: The Birth of Tundran: An unforgettable epic, the work of a lifetime, is finally collected in an ultimate, six-part library!

The first in a series of six post-apocalyptic graphic novels, created by industry legend and heroic visionary Jack Katz!

A true epic future history, following the fall and rise of humanity across a canvas of a thousand years, as they are reborn from the ashes of atomic destruction, become playthings of a new pantheon of gods, and, under the leadership of the heroic Tundran, strike out towards their destiny in the stars!

The First Kingdom is presented here in a complete collectors’ library for the first time, replete with cleaned and restored art taken from high-resolution scans of the original art pages, and completely re-lettered throughout.

Comprising six volumes in total, each book also includes features on the history of the strip, as well as all-new introductions by Jack Katz and his many industry fans!

FirstKingdomSAMPLE1web FirstKingdomSAMPLE2web

FirstKingdomSAMPLE3web FirstKingdomSAMPLE4web

The First Kingdom vol. 1: The Birth of Tundran
Writer/Artist: Jack Katz
Titan Comics
Released: 24/09/2013

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