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New Comic Wednesday! My First 5! What did you buy this week!


So I bought twenty four comics today. Twenty Four! I know, I know, it’s time to assess my pull list and cut the fat. In order to figure out what to keep and what to ditch I’m going to try something a little different. Every week I’m going to bring you the first five books that caught my eye and my first impressions of them.

The 24 books break down like this; Blacklist Studios one book, Boom! Studios had three this week, DC was five titles, Hound Comics had one, IDW and Image one apiece, Marvel was the big winner this week with eight books and Valiant and Vertigo weighed in with two apiece. So what were the books that pulled my attention first?

Marvel’s Fury “My War Gone By” #3 – Man this is a fun series, this is the kind of stuff Nick’s fans have been waiting for! Veit Nam, Nazi’s, sex, and cursing? This book has it all!

Higher Earth #1 from Boom! – Boom had a pretty strong ad campaign leading up to this book. Number one was a number one, lots of exposition almost enough action. Illegal immigration across parallel Earths? Ok I’m game.

Dial H #2 – I think I might be hooked on this one. It’s a weird book, good weird though. If I found this phone booth I’d never stop. But would I use the power for good?

Sweet Tooth #34 (Vertigo) – I’ve been reading this series since number one. It’s a great story, some of the arcs were a little slow but the overall is so worth the wait. It looks like the end of a major arc is upon us and I really don’t know where Jeff Lemire is taking us but I’ve gotta stay on board till the end.

30 Days of Night #8 – Steve Niles keeps up the scary in issue number eight but it’s Christopher Mittens art that really puts this book over the top!

So that’s the first five for this week. I’m sure I’ll have some more in depth reviews later on in the week. So come on fess up! What did you spend your hard earned money on today? Was it worth it? What books did you miss? Talk to me people!

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  1. Avengers versus X-Men, Before Watchmen: Minutemen # 1…..surprisingly not too bad and great Dawrwyn Cooke art, Ultimate Comics Spiderman # 11, John Byrnes Trio # 2…………but Oh Gawd pass on this one….not if you like seeing him use the same cover he’s used in the past like 20 times, and finally Rocketeer Adventures # 3….Great Chris Sprouse art….

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