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Neverending #2: Indie Comics with Kickass Leads Never Get Old!


A while back I reviewed an indie comic from Unthank Comics called Neverending (you can catch that review here). Well, the second issue of the title has come out and the Unthank crew asked if we wanted to take a look at it. Of course we did!

Neverending #2: Indie Comics with Kickass Leads Never Get Old!

The central premise of the series is that Olivia doesn’t sleep and uses her extra time to fight crime. What issue #2 brings us is a look at this life through the eyes of her girlfriend, Sarah. Until very recently, Sarah had no idea that Olivia was moonlighting as a superhero, and she definitely had no idea just how different Olivia was (she’s got regenerative powers ala Wolverine and Deadpool, which we learn when she shows up at Sarah’s place with a gunshot wound). While this is all insanely surprising for Sarah (because why wouldn’t it be), it doesn’t seem to phase Olivia’s dad at all, which is just as off-putting. Neverending #2 is the next step in Sarah and Olivia’s relationship, where Sarah has to deal with all of this insanity. Issue 2 also brings us the arrival of a baddie named Never, who gives Olivia a run for her money.

I’m still enjoying Neverending, but to a certain extent this one felt like two different stories that could have been two separate issues: Sarah’s reaction to all the new information in her life and Olivia’s desire to get to the bottom of the crime ring she met up with in issue 1. They’re both interesting stories, it’s just the way they were structured (one on top of the other with no real segue between them) that wasn’t as smooth as I would have liked. Also, now that we’ve gotten into Sarah’s side of things, I want to see more of how Olivia’s dad has dealt/ is dealing with his daughter’s “powers.”

The creative team is still in place from the first issue, so the art still has a nice indie vibe, and I like strong women protagonists (who have girlfriends!), so the series still appeals to me regardless of the structure issue I have (and hey, your mileage may vary and the structure of this one might bother you not at all). I’m giving this one 3.5 out of 5 Lightning Bolts.

NeverEnding2-01 NeverEnding2-02 NeverEnding2-03

Writer: Stephen Sutherland
Artists: Gary Kelly
Colorist: Lesley Atlansky
Letters (and Logo Design): Colin Bell
Cover Artist: Emma Vieceli
Unthank Comics
Price: £3.50 (Print) £1.00 (Digital)
Buy It Here: Unthank Comics

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