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Never Before Seen Footage of Supergirl!



Fans don’t have much longer to wait for CBS’ Supergirl.  With Gotham back on FOX, the Fall television series has already started.  In an undeniable effort to raise awareness and interest in their soon to be hit show, DC Comics and CBS have released a new trailer for SupergirlYou could take a look at the never before seen footage below:


After having seen Supergirl a few weeks back during Wizard World in Pittsburgh, there aren’t too many new shots in the trailer, but for those who have yet to see it (be it legally or through download) this never trailer features several new moments.  Of particular interest and notation is that this is the first trailer to reveal the DC Comics logo with Supergirl appearing and a quick cape flip to reveal the Warner Bros logo.  This keeps in line with all of DC Comics other television series such as The Flash and Arrow.  This also happens to be the first time we see actor Peter Facinelli as Maxwell Lord.

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Supergirl premieres Monday, October 26th at 8:30 pm ET on CBS.  It’ll then move to its regular time slot of 9 pm.  Check your local listings.

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