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Nemo Toys releases ‘The Black Bat’


Nemo Toys releases 'The Black Bat'Action figures and collectibles have had a tremendous growth in interest over the past few years.  While collectors favor figures ranging anywhere from Mattel’s Movie Master lines to Sideshow Collectibles Hot Toys, there has always been a soft spot for many when it comes to Mego.  Lately several companies have mimicked the Mego style of action figures with lines including “Batman ’66” and “Super Friends”, with Nemo Toys producing figures based off of their comics such as Commander X, Sea Ghost, and Undersea Adventures of Captain Eli.  Announced today by Nemo Publishing comes word of the release of a figure based on the classic pulp crime fighter known as The Black Bat.  The character, around long before Batman and Daredevil, is the story of a militant district attorney for the mob.  After he has acid thrown in his face, he dons an all black costume reminiscent of Batman, and decides to fight crime.  What makes him more than just another vigilante appearing in pulp books at the time was that he received a surgical procedure that not only allowed him to regain his sight, but he was also able to see in the dark!

The Black Bat figure is offered on from now through Friday, February 16th at the price of $15.00.  His adventures could be found in Dynamite Comics title, “Masks” which also features The Shadow, The Green Hornet, and The Spider.

The pulp characters have long been a favorite of mine and it’s great seeing Nemo Toys producing figures, particularly Mego-style, after some of the Golden Age greats!


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