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Nemo – Heart of Ice, a Moore and O’Neill masterpiece! from Top Shelf Productions



One of the greatest and most aggravating things about Alan Moore is his ability to amaze and confuse me simultaneously. And when he teams up with Kevin O’Neill it just ramps the wonder to eleven. Their work is always deep, rich and detailed. Both the art and the writing are beautiful. It can also be dense and wordy and a little convoluted. This is why I love it.

Nemo Heart of Ice continues this great tradition. The year is 1925 and Captain Nemo, or Janni Dakkar as she was known before taking on the mantle of Captain Nemo from her father, has tired of a life of piracy and plunder. She wants a grand adventure, something to rival those of her father, a challenge. The Antarctic seems to fit the bill nicely. To quote Mistress Janni “It’s about finding some purpose that’s more than just piracy… about proving something to Father and myself. Ready the Nautilus…” 

This has all the ingredients a great story; a quest to a mysterious land, the legendary Nautilus and her crew, and a trio of scientists hired by Charles Foster Kane bent on not only getting there first but finding the treasure of an African queen. The quest will bring them to a land not governed by normal time or space. A land of unimaginable horrors where the mountains may bring madness.

Take all that and unleash Moore and O’Neill on it and you’ve got a can’t miss graphic novel. That is how great stories are done. This is one that I believe is the best written addition to the original LoEG universe since Vol II.

And just look at these pages, Kevin O’Neill’s work amazes me every time. His lines, his detail, the way he handles the technology of this alternate past…





A really great stand alone graphic novel in a favorite mythology. Engaging story, beautiful artwork. Buy this book.

5 out of 5

Nemo: Heart of Ice HC
Writer: Moore, Alan
Artist: O’Neill, Kevin
Cover Artist: O’Neill, Kevin
Price: $14.95
ISBN: 978160309274651495
On Sale February 27, 2013
Publisher Top Shelf
Diamond Id: DEC121247

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