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Neca Toys NJCE Presentation!




L to R: Randy Falk, Roger Fernandez, Geoff Trapp, Stefan Folkins, Chris R, and David Silva

Neca, one of the best toy companies in the business today, was on hand at New Jersey Comic Expo.  We attended their presentation held on Saturday, November 21st.  Running just about an hour, Randy Falk, the director of product development, led a panel which covered the roles of everyone on hand and spoke about some of the exciting new products releasing soon.  You could watch the video below and find our other videos on YouTube here.

Neca provided a highly entertaining panel with a great presentation of several upcoming collectibles.  While we previously reported on their booth, which you could find here, there were toys in addition to the Cinemachines that were announced during New Jersey Comic Expo.

Fans have been very excited to see Neca expand their popular action figure lines for classic science-fiction/action film series such as Aliens and Terminator.  There are no signs of Neca slowing down their releases for both properties with new figures set to release near the end of this year and into next year.

20151121_172048Around the 15:30 mark, Randy announces the Kratos from God of War action figure, along with the plans to develop a Nathan Drake from Uncharted 4 figure.

Around the 20:00 mark, we learn of a pretty cool “Weird” Al Yankovic figure, which comes with an accordion, microphone, and two interchangeable heads.

What makes Neca such an interesting company to follow is there is no secret that the whole team are fans of action figures.  They love what they do and there is no cookie-cutter approach to their numerous licenses and brand.  Randy goes on to speak of figures made during the 70’s and later that would hire freelance artists to create artwork exclusively for the product.  He goes on to say of how it’s “a lost art form” and that could not be more true.  Because of a company like Neca, many action figure enthusiasts and collectors have renewed faith in a very fun market.

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Make sure you follow Neca on Twitter @Neca_Online and check What’cha Reading this Thursday for a great Throwback Toy Review featuring two Neca products!

  • We’d like to point out that Neca has just announced that pre-orders will begin this week for their Cinemachines line.

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