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NBC’s Constantine In Limbo! Is 13 His Unlucky Number?!


NBC's Constantine In Limbo! Is 13 His Unlucky Number?!


Announced yesterday on Deadline, production on NBC’s “Constantine” will halt after completing its 13-episode order.  For fans of the series and of the DC Comics/ Vertigo series in which it was based, fear not; “Constantine” has not been damned to cancelled television hell just yet!  NBC, having cancelled two of their freshman series for the 2014 Fall Season, apparently have not given up hope on “Constantine.”  While production will stop after completing its 13-episode first season, the series does remain “in contention” for a second season.

“Constantine” started off to a slow start, with ratings not fitting for a DC Comics based program.  However, the series produced by Daniel Cerone and David S. Goyer, have taken a +38% week-to-week ratings jump and word of mouth has improved.  The series now has a loyal fan following, dubbing themselves “hellblazers” (including staff writer Julie and I) and engage in weekly Twitter conversations with series stars such as Angelica Celeya (Zed), Charles Halford (Chas), Harold Perrineau (Manny), and production designer Dave Blass.

NBC has certainly been promoting the series, undoubtedly believing in the potential this series has shown, especially after episodes “Feast of Friends” and “Danse Vaudou.”  “Constantine” has regularly aired episodes on SyFy, a sibling of NBC, and has scheduled the cast to appear on the broadcast of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

As a fan of the series, I hope to see “Constantine” continue to hellblaze on television.  The production has consistently honored the spirit of the books and have been open about completely servicing the fans.  If we all continue to watch, maybe we won’t need an incantation to ensure a second season!

“Constantine” airs on Friday nights on NBC at 10 pm ET.  Check your local listings.

For those interested in following the series stars on Twitter, please check out the following:

Matt Ryan – @mattryanreal

Angelica Celaya – @AngelicaCelaya

Charles Halford – @Charlie_Halford

Harold Perrineau – @HaroldPerrineau

Dave Blass – @BlackhawkDesign

Daniel Cerone – @DanielVCerone

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