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Myth – Sam & The Giant’s Adventure Come To End, For Now…


Myth - Sam & The Giant's Adventure Come To End, For Now...Myth – Sam & The Giant’s Adventure Come To End, For Now…

After 3 wonderful issues we say good-bye to Sam, Giant, and Anna. This isn’t just a wrap up issue though, the resolution of the story is action packed and full of drama. Let me tell you if you haven’t read this series yet you’re missing out.

A world of adventure awaits in the pages of Myth, this three issue series is one of those rare books that actually have a message, and surprisingly we’re not hit over the head with it.

Myth is the story of Sam, an orphan trapped in a horrible situation. After suffering years of abuse at the hands of a corrupt bunch of adults he escapes and finds a strange wonderful world where he befriends a good-natured giant. Sounds idyllic right? They lived happily ever after? Story over yes?

Nope, Sam and Giant return to free the orphans and bring down the corrupt orphanage. And that was just the beginning. Seems bringing Giant back from the forest has woken something in the mythical land, something dangerous.

Myth is a story of courage, friendship, and it shows how families can form from the strangest circumstances.

Creator Mike Loienski gave us the scoop on Myth and it’s characters back in May 2013 ()

I don’t think Sam is based on one particular person. I think he’s more of a representation of a number of things. I think he represents what we all wanted out of our childhood; fun, adventure, friends. The only thing he’s missing is a home. We all wanted to feel safe growing up and the kid doesn’t have that. It forces him to be a little tougher and braver than most.

Check out some pages…

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final3-27 final3-31-1

As you can see Dan’s art is wonderful, simple yet powerful with some great storytelling.

I spoke with Mike again recently, he told me how pleased he was with the series. When I pressed him about a collected edition he said they were definitely working toward a collected edition (possibly through kickstarter), it all comes down to the numbers. I hope the sales of the series can support a trade, this story would be a wonderful edition to any home or school library.

Buy Myth from comiXology:, there’s even a free preview issue. Or hunt Mike down at a convention and buy it in print like I did!

Letters – E.T. DOLLMAN
Publisher – Alterna Comics
All Ages

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