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Myth #2 Review and Q&A with Mike Loniewski!


So I reviewed issue one of this series right after APCC. I met the creator Mike Loniewski at the convention and was blown away by his story. Myth is a book conceived with a purpose. After working with abused children Mike decided he wanted to tell a story that could just possibly help these kids cope, help them find a way through. I think he’s succeeding. Guess what? So does who are hoping to use the book as a teaching aide.


Well issue two hits tomorrow, May 22nd (digitally) so I asked Mike if he could give us a little insight into the book, where it came from and some of the characters we’ll meet.

The Story so far…

At the end of issue one Sam and his buddy The Giant had freed the orphanage from the clutches of the evil Mrs. Morrison and now they’re heroes. They’ve even found a place to stay, Anne’s farm is safe, and she’s not like other grown-ups. So what’s next you ask? Be heroes of course! They take on a crew of no good bank robbers with rousing success, things are really looking up! But Sam having found and brought Giant back from the forest has awoken something, and it’s coming for them.

You’ve developed a hell of a character in Sam. His strength and his fear are shown so well (in both art and story) was he, or his story, based on someone specific.

Thanks so much! I don’t think Sam is based on one particular person. I think he’s more of a representation of a number of things. I think he represents what we all wanted out of our childhood; fun, adventure, friends. The only thing he’s missing is a home. We all wanted to feel safe growing up and the kid doesn’t have that. It forces him to be a little tougher and braver than most.

 And that’s true of the kids I worked with when I started writing Myth back in 2007. Some of these kids just had horrible home lives. One had a father who would lock him in a closet any time the family went out or had guests simply because he was darker skinned than the rest of the family. You can’t comprehend how someone could do that to a kid.

 The inspiring thing that came from this was that these children were resilient. They rose above all the crap around them, they fought to keep their childhood and they believed that incredible things were waiting for them just around the corner. They always fought back to regain that innocence and hopeful view that I think defines childhood. They have this innate ability to rise above.

I wanted Sam to embody that strength and innocence that I saw in those kids. They’re brave because they have to be. They’ve got no choice.

 I love “Giant” and would really like to be him when (if) I grow up. Will “Giant’s” story be told? Will he ever speak?

There’s a lot to the big guy, that’s for sure, even if he’s not talking yet. And who wouldn’t want to be a powerful, silent bad ass? To me, the silent ones are the ones you don’t want to mess with. Does he speak? Will he speak? We shall see. But, we will definitely be learning a bit more about Giant as the series moves toward its ending. He’s got some fighting to do.

Anne was a good edition to the team in issue two, is she sticking around a while?

Anne is just a cool woman and she’s is our key to the forest. She’s been there, right in the thick of it, just as Sam has. She’s got a history with it and the characters that are hiding there. Sam’s going to need her when things start going south.

What are the plans for the series? Is there a target number of issues, or is it an open ended story?

Right now, it’s a limited series that will wrap up sometime in August with issue three. That will be an over-sized issue and Dan, E.T. and I are very excited about it.

When it wraps, our plan is to do a limited print run of a soft cover collected edition. We’d love to raise the printing funds on kickstarter and you can expect a campaign sometime in the fall.

As for further adventures, this is really the story we want to tell. You never know, though.

Is comixology the only way to purchase the series?

Comixology is the place to pick up the series for right now. We have been doing very small print runs for conventions and shows and the response has been great. People we meet love the book and they love the cause we are donating to for issue one.

Are you appearing at any other conventions this year?

Dan and I will be up in Albany on June 16th for the Albany Comic Con. After that I’ll be up in Boston on August 3 and 4th for the Boston Con. We’re also going to try for NYCC. The conventions have been great and the atmosphere is incredible. Such great people come up to us and it still blows my mind that someone would want to pick up something we made and give us a shot. It’s always very humbling, it never gets old. We’re just proud that people are enjoying it.

Issue two goes onsale tomorrow at, here’s the link to the series page:

When I get a direct link to the issue I’ll post it!

Here’s the direct link to Issue 2 on comixology!

Oh and why not buy issue one while you’re at it, did we mention all proceeds go to

We at want to thank Mike, not only for taking the time to answer our questions but also for what he did with issue one. Donating all proceeds from issue one to was a wonderful thing to do. And a classy way to show how important this cause is to him.

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