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MYSTERY SOCIETY – Another Summer Reading Must!


Ok my first Summer Reading recommendation was a little heavy. I Kill Giants (the story of a young girl dealing with her mom’s illness) is definitely a great book but it can be a sad book as well. So switching gears to MY?TERY SOCIETY seems like a perfect way to continue the Summer Reading thread.

MY?TERY SOCIETY - Another Summer Reading Must!Growing up I was a huge fan of Thin Man movies. Nick and Nora Charles we’re an amazing power couple, no mystery could stand up to their wit, skill, and humor. I get that same vibe with Nick and Anastasia Mystery. Charismatic dreamers who come into money the couple decide to form a globe-trotting paranormal investigations team.That would be fun on its own but Steve Niles added another angle, the team is open to all, and the members they get are X-Files-esque to say the least. A girl who claims to be dead, a robot that seems to have the brain of Jules Verne, and the twins? They are almost beyond imagination.

This gorgeous hardcover edition collects the original Mystery Society series (1 – 5) and Mystery Society Special, so you get two stories; one drawn by the incomparable Fiona Staples (SAGA, Archie) and the second excellently rendered by Andrew Ritchie (Cthulhu Tales, Necronomicon, Pieces for Mom.) In the first, the mini-series, we meet the power couple in a story arc that feels as much like an ending as a first meeting. Told in a convincing flashback, Steve Niles gives us everything we need to fall for these two characters in the first five pages. Then he spends the rest of the book entertaining the hell out of you with a story that has everything, giant robots, Area 51, Poe’s brain and so much more. The second story, The Mystery Society Special, takes the team in search of some legendary creatures and shows that this was a series that could have kept going far beyond the original 5 issues. And it’s a damn shame it didn’t.

So if you’re looking for a graphic novel with unforgettable characters, beautiful art, and a story that ends well (but just a bit too soon) pick this one up. It’s a five out of five.

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Mystery Society Deluxe HC
Writer: Niles, Steve
Artist: Staples, Fiona (Mystery Society 1-5)
Artist: Andrew Ritchie (Mystery Society Special)
Price: $27.99
ISBN: 978161377683452799
Publisher IDW
Diamond Id: MAY130381

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