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My First HeroCrate! Crate #7 February ’15


My First HeroCrate! Crate #7 February '15This was my first subscription box so needless to say I was pretty excited. But before we get into what was in the crate and whether it was worth it let’s get the disclaimers out-of-the-way. I did not solicit a box for review, I purchased a one month HeroCrate the exact way you would. After the box had shipped I emailed the company asking if there were any press releases or other info they’d like to send to accompany this review, they never responded. And now on to the crate!

HeroCrate is a subscription service that supplies a monthly box full of goodies based on a specific hero. You get a hint during the month but no concrete way of knowing which hero is featured.

Every box includes a t-shirt and 4 to 6 items. At this time HeroCrate only ships to the U.S.

The price? One month (no recurring charges) is $29, three months (no recurring charges) $27.99 per month ($83.97 total) and no shipping costs. Use coupon code DefendYourInnerHero to save 5%.

When I purchased the box I had about 3 weeks to wait before it shipped, I could not believe they weren’t going to tell us who the hero was. They did give a hint though…


— HeroCrate (@herocrate) January 28, 2015

I think this one was pretty obvious. I was psyched. Now I didn’t go searching the web for previous crate reviews or unboxing videos (personally I’m not really an unboxing video guy) but based on the description I was pretty sure the crate would be cool. Let’s take a look at what was inside!


Blurry photos courtesy of me!


First let’s address the meh. The fridge magnet (shown above) (cost to make under $1, sells for $3-$5) was a designed by HeroCrate and exclusive so I guess that give’s it a cool factor but personally it was kind of disappointing to see a fridge magnet in the box.

Then we have the cool but oddly sized art. The exclusive artwork is exclusive and it is artwork. Really good artwork done by a member of the U.S. military.

HC-ExcluArt02 HC-ExcluArt01

The only problem is that the art is a postcard. 4X6 inches. In comparison the card included that listed the box contents was 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. To give credit where it’s due it is a fine advertisement for Operation Supply Drop.

Operation Supply Drop is a charity focused on helping service men and women from the front-line to Veteran status, some of what they do includes:

  • “Make Fun Where There is None” by preparing and sending video game care packages downrange and to military recovery hospitals. Program: Supply Drops
  • Provide experiences for troops in the video gaming industry as a recognition for their service as well as to foster networking for future opportunities. Program: Thank You Deployment
  • Facilitate online and offline community to further integrate the military and civilian networks using gaming as a catalyst to help veterans. Program: Thank you Deployment, The Teams
  • Seek veterans in video gaming eduction programs to provide financial aid and opportunity through internships as well as assist in finding industry employment opportunities. Programs: The Teams, Thank You Deployment
  • Identify, advise and evangelize veteran-owned businesses in the video gaming industry so that their success will inspire others. Program: Veteran-owned Business

And believe me when I say the photo doesn’t do justice to the art SGT Kristian Cedeno created. Go check out Operation Supply Drop and see if you can help them out. But the fact remains the presentation and format of the artwork was lacking.

Next up! The Collectible Tin Turtle Coin Bank – Raphael (price online $5.99-$8.99)


This is a cute collectible, large enough (7 1/2 inches) to look cool on your dresser or desk and despite a couple of dents (either from shipping or prior) it’s a welcome edition to my ever growing collection of comic book related merchandise.

TMNT Wave 1 Vinyl Figure from The Loyal Subjects ($13.00 and up online) Blind box assortment. Casey Jones!

HC-VinylsCaseyJones02 HC-VinylsCaseyJones03

He looks great, great paint, 3 inches tall, fully pose-able with 9 points of articulation, and he comes equipped with his bag which can hold his hockey stick, golf club, and baseball bat. The accompanying character card gives his real name, abilities, weapons, occupation, and affiliation.

Last but certainly not least…

The Guaranteed Epic T-shirt!!! (estimated value $19-$24)

Yes, it is epic, designed by RIPT and chock full of awesome!


Crazy blurry photos? Again all me…

This is one of the coolest shirts I’ve gotten in a long long time. Granted if I had known it was an Anvil t-shirt I would’ve bought a large (they tend to shrink, a lot). Truly epic design though.

So all in all I see an estimated value of about $45, I only paid $29 so obviously it’s a win there. But for me, this is a haul I could’ve purchased at my local comic shop (bank, vinyl figure, cool t-shirt, mini print, fridge magnet) for close to the same money. And I would’ve had my choice of character. The other kind of disappointing thing is the magnet and postcard. Though the resale on both items adds to the overall value it’s pretty obvious that these are inexpensively produced to help make the $29 price point work. I don’t begrudge the profitability factor but as I said it was a little disappointing.

So what’s my take on HeroCrate? The merchandise you receive is worth the money and exclusive pieces are always great. I can’t really get on board with not knowing which hero is coming next, then there’s the question of whether they’ll ever repeat a hero (previous crates have been Batman, Mr. Hulk, Yoda, Link, Captain America and Hellboy.) Other than those few issue I really believe if HeroCrate keeps moving forward and tweaking its model they should be a company worth doing business with.

There are also whispers of Villain Crate coming soon… Hmm that sounds interesting…


Have you jumped on the subscription box bandwagon yet? Which have you tried? Let us know in the comments!


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