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Mummy’s Always Right!


Occasionally a children’s book crosses our desks that’s just too cute to pass up. Mummy’s Always Right is definitely one of those. And creator Joe Mulvey has the kind of track record that makes it doubly necessary to spread the word!

Mummy's Always Right

If you’ve ever met Joe at a convention or seen him on a podcast you know he’s totally nuts and a hell of a sweet guy as well. It’s great to see an artist like Joe who works on decidedly mature books like Scam show his chops in an all-ages environment, and a board book at that!

The book itself is adorable, the rhymes highlight all the little things that little monsters should know and it does it with love and humor. The 24 page board book is full of vibrant entertaining art and the characters will become your little one’s favorites from the very first time they meet them. Mummy’s Always Right was a treat and even though my youngest is getting old for these types of books I pre-ordered a copy, it was a book I want him to read and enjoy.

Mummy’s Always Right is the first in a planned series of horror-themed children’s books by Joe and publisher ComixTribe. I hope the pre-order campaign does well enough that we see more of the series soon.

You can pre-order yours at kickstarter through this link.

*Joe and Comixtribe also extended an opportunity to bloggers and reviewers to join their “kickbooster” campaign. Kickbooster is a service once you’ve signed up supplies a unique link to a kickstarter campaign that when pledged through gives 10% to the referrer. We did not avail ourselves of that program opting instead to offer this review and recommendation without possible compensation.

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