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Shoot ’em Ups – Movies vs Games Infographic


Movies vs Games

“The book was better!” Ever since movies started adapting other source material, this became a rallying cry for those that felt the adaptation was inferior. As films started adapting more and more media, the cry broadened, but often stayed the same. Soon, movies were adapting video games, with middling success – and video games started adapting movies, either as direct tie-ins like Goldeneye 007 or just continuations or alternate stories in the universe like Mad Max, with similar results.

The thing is, adaptations are not always considered worse than their source material; in fact, sometimes they far outshine what the source material and stand as the lone representative in the collective consciousness.

Sunderland Airguns put together this infographic on a few movies and video games that adapted each other and how each fared critically and popularly, as well as noting the signature firearms from each.

Movies Vs Games: Shoot'em Ups
Movies Vs. Games: Shoot’em Ups by Sunderland Airguns.

Be sure to check back next week with our own review of an unexpected “video game movie”.

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