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Review – Moriarty #1 The Dark Chamber (IDW) $2.99


*Note: This series is currently at Issue # 5 but I felt a review of the first would give a better idea of the series*

Holmes has been a constant in my life for as long as I remember. When I saw the previews for Moriarty I was intrigued, though he’s appeared in many adaptations there’s very little of his character set in stone.

The series picks up years after Riechenbach falls, Moriarty has changed his name and settled into the fairly mundane existence of an import export businessman. His criminal empire has all but faded to naught. In his new persona one of the things he’s found is an affinity for is fixing problems, people seem to be drawn to him.

When he’s approached by men who he recognizes immediately as agents of the crown he assumes the worst. But it seems they know who he is and require his assistance. It seems a high ranking official in Her Majesty’s government has gone missing and Moriarty is just the man for the task.

I hear you I hear you “How is this not just another Holmes rip off!” James Moriarty is just as you’d hope him to be, an amoral dastardly bastard with an odd honor and humor to him. It’s good fun and a worthy addition to the many wonderful things inspired by Sherlock Holmes.

Issue #5 is a new story arc a great jumping on point for new readers.

If you’re interested in starting at the beginning why not ask your LCS to order this: Moriarty Vol. 1 Trade Paperback, sure you can get it online but try to support your local shop. Like Royal Collectibles in Forest Hills! Sorry shameless plug, I just love that place.

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  1. Edward Gambichler on

    One of my favorite villains in Literature. I might check this one out. Sounds like it could be one I’d get hooked on.

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