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More to Lovecraft Than Cthulhu?

To say H.P. Lovecraft enjoys a fandom is kind of a understatement. It’s more of a religion. But when it comes to projects inspired by Lovecraft’s body of work they usually focus on Cthulhu. Well Brandon Barrows, Hugo Petrus, and Caliber Comics have decided to look past the “Old One” and see what other work deserves to shine. Here comes Mythos!

Caliber Comics Brings Lovecraft to Life with MYTHOS!

Known as the father of modern horror, Howard Phillips Lovecraft spun vivid tales of terror and cosmic abominations, including his most-famous creation dread Cthulhu! But few realize that the full body of his work spanned fantasy, science fiction and even humor!
In MYTHOS: LOVECRAFT’S WORLDS, writer Brandon Barrows and artist Hugo Petrus adapt eight of Lovecraft’s stories to the comic format, many of them lesser-known and some never before adapted to comics, such as The Curse of Yig and Ibid (a rare humor story!).
So come, join them as they explore the dark, far-flung corners of Lovecraft’s myriad worlds!

So who are these guys?

Writer Brandon Barrows has written it all, prose, poetry, and of course comics, his series Jack Hammer being one of my favorites. Knowing his style as I do I can’t wait to see how he adapts these stories. And he’s very excited to get these stories in front of readers. Brandon told us in an email “Lovecraft has been an important influence on my horror and fantasy writing, but ‘Cthulhu’ is all most people seem to know about him. With MYTHOS, I want to shine a light on some of the more obscure pieces of his work and hopefully show folks that it’s worth exploring beyond the evil gods and tentacles.” The book’s artist, Hugo Petrus has worked for Marvel, DC, Dynamite, and Dark Horse. So the team sounds great, what are they bringing to the table? Here’s a preview.
MythosPreview1 MythosPreview2 MythosPreview3
MythosPreview4 MythosPreview5 MythosPreview6
Go back and look at those pages again. Every story has it’s own unique style, down to the lettering. And the story-telling looks solid. Fact is this book looks great. I suggest ordering it from your local comic shop today this looks like it’s going to be a must for every Lovecraft devotee.
Brandon Barrows (w) – Hugo Petrus (a) – Dan Brereton (cover)
Black & white – 100 pages — $12.99 – in stores 11/2/16.
Caliber Comics – Diamond Item Code SEP161503

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