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More Invader Zim News? Could an Invader Zim Lego Set be in the works?


Could an Invader Zim Lego Set be in the works?

Did our recent post about the all new Invader Zim comic leave you pining for more of our little invader? Well on Monday we received an interesting email concerning the little guy and his pals.

LegoIdeasLogoBut first some backstory about Lego Ideas. For several years Lego has invited people to put together proposals for new sets and has even given people a place to post these ideas and garner support. is a site whose sole purpose is to showcase those ideas and allow you to throw your support behind these fan created sets. And if a project gets enough support (10,000 supporters + no licensing issues for Lego) and passes the Lego review board, it gets created! Past sets produced this way include Doctor Who and Companions (project by LEGO Ideas member AndrewClark2) and the Research Institute (by LEGO Ideas member Alatariel).  Granted, though a LOT of products get submitted, and many get the support, few actually get green-lit, but really how many other companies even give this kind of option?

Back to Zim! Lego Ideas members Buddyirk and Jiminyc have put together a design and proposal that includes not just Zim and Gir but Zim’s house, Dib and the Voot Cruiser as well! Here check out some images of the proposed set…

Could an Invader Zim Lego Set be in the works?

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And here are some details. The proposed set would come with 4 min figures, the house, the voot, and both the living room and kitchen with replicas of the furniture and decorations from the show.

I know what you’re thinking, looks cool enough let me know when it’s for sale and I’ll check it out. But if this set is going to get made it needs your support. Here’s the link to the project Invader Zim House and Voot. Click the link, read up on the project, and click the little support button. If enough of us do we may just have our own Zim to plot our take-over of Earth with!


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