Monkeybrain Comics new releases for Jan 23rd! ~ What'cha Reading?

Monkeybrain Comics new releases for Jan 23rd!


Today we have a special treat! Monkeybrain Comics has two books going live at on January 23rd. Check these out!



First up we have “Unfair”a one-shot that really took me by surprise. At first glance the art was a little cartoon-y, the colors a little bright, but that feeling went away quick. This story reads so quickly and smoothly that dark or moody art would’ve slowed the pace and probably ruined the story. It’s a quick read but one that has me looking forward to more from this team! If you’re a parent, have lost anyone you love or just have a heart then this story will grab you. And at $.99 it’s a steal!

A mysterious kidnapping, and a father’s doubt-ridden race against time to save his child and face down a debt that cannot be repaid.

Written by: Vance Sumner
Art by: Sandy Jarrell
Colored by: Sandy Jarrell
Format: One-shot, Digital
Age: 9+
Price: .99

Purchase link: (live on Wed, Jan 23rd)

Check out some preview pages:

Unfair.indd Unfair.indd Unfair.indd

After that little thriller it’s time to journey across a post-apocalyptic world with…



The warrior Denali embarks on a quest, aided by a magician/thief named Paris a yeti named Grok. Stark gray and white tones set a chilly mood on this frozen landscape. I’d never heard of Denali before but if this is the pilot for a series I think I’m in. It’s a bit of a twist on the usual post-apocalyptic warrior, magician, beast dynamic. How so you may ask? Well unlike Thundarr and Conan the like the barbarian isn’t a slow talking dim-witted lunkhead (yes I know Conan ha definitely shaken that perception, but you get the idea). Jay Faerber gives us a very clear idea of what kind of world this is in just this one issue I really hope he and his team treat us to more of this world, guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Written by: Jay Faerber
Art by: John Broglia
Colored by: Ron Riley
Lettered by: Ed Brisson
Format: One-shot, Digital
Age: 12+
Price: .99

Purchase link: (live on Wed, Jan 23rd)

Check out some preview pages:

Denali.indd Denali.indd Denali.indd

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