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Molly Danger / Princeless Free Comic Book Day



I plan on posting about this weeks comics as soon as possible but first I wanted to clue you all in on something..

That Molly Danger story you’ve been waiting for? The one that comes out on Free Comic Book Day (May 4th).


Overused word? Not in this case. I had high hopes for the story, Jamal surpassed them all. This Molly story is fun and action packed, it’s a great way to meet this new heroine. Jamal does an excellent job, in only 11 pages, of introducing us not only to Molly but to her world, the good guys, the bad guys, AND the really cool giant robots! Trust me, if you’ve been waiting (like I was) to read this book, it is worth the wait.

And then in the same book, we have Princeless. In the same book! I loves me some Princeless. Jeremy Whitely found a way to give us even more insight into our heroines and the quest that they’re on. Saving people doesn’t just mean saving family you know!

One of my favorite things about this series are the incidental characters. Way back in the première issue they took a random Prince and gave us a cool back up story (Mr. Froggy). Here’s hoping they follow that formula with Raven Xingtao, she’s a character I’d like to see more of. Emily Martin continues to impress me with her range of character designs and her page layouts are pretty sweet too!

This Free Comic Book Day offering from Action Lab is really a gem, never have we had two young positive butt-kicking female heroes like these. On top of which there’s no hyper-sexualized characters, no over the top violence, just good strong stories and excellent art. I can’t wait to bring this home to my daughter on May 4th. Oh and you did notice the “free” part right?

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