Molly Danger news and a Princeless Exclusive! Free Comic Book Day News!

Got a great email from Jamal Igle today!


That’s right comic fans! Jamal Igle’s “Molly Danger” gets an eleven page preview in this Free Comic Book Day offering from Action Lab! When Jamal shared this news today I immediately sent out an email to Action Labs’ Jeremy Whitley. Because he’s such a great guy he gave us this exclusive!

Action Lab will be running a Brand New Princeless story in the upcoming free comic book day issue! That story will feature Adrienne, Bedilia, and a new character! Said new story is planned as a lead in to other new adventures!

I am so looking forward to this book! It’s going to be a Free Comic Book Day must have for any Princeless fan!

Be sure to keep up with all the FCBD news at, as well as following Molly Danger’s progress to print at the production blog ( And as always, show lots of love to one of our favorite publishers Action Lab Entertainment!

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