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Modern Animals – A Violent Twisted Crime Drama You Need To See


Modern AnimalsIf you’re a fan of the hyper-violent stress filled plots of movies like The King of New York or Reservoir Dogs you will feel right at home with Modern Animals. The story of a date gone wrong that turns into a murder, that turns into a kidnapping, and interrogation. Then the story gets really crazy.

The first issue screams off the page, artist D.N.S. opted for a two-color palette and a sketchy style that makes the book seem surreal and stark at the same time. David Brown’s story immediately throws you into our yet unnamed protagonist’s quickly spiraling out of control life. He’s in a job he hates, a toxic relationship, his “best friend” is an overdose waiting to happen… And then things get really bad.

I don’t want to give a plot synopsis because this book is all plot, and I mean that in a good way, you have to read it to believe it. Trust me when I say this book isn’t for the faint of heart, it’s rated R, a hard R at that. So if I know my readers everything I said has made you want to check this out. Good. Go! Go back Modern Animals and get your hands on a sick, twisted, fast paced 72 page graphic novel that will knock you for a loop.

Modern Animals
Written by: David M. Brown
Art/Colors by: D.N.S.
Letters by: Mira Mortal


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