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Mixtape – Let the Music Take You Back!


I know I keep writing about books I picked up at New York Comic Con this year, it really was a great convention! I met so many cool people and read dozens of great books!

One I really should have heard of before (and can’t seem to figure out how I missed) was Mixtape.

MIXTAPE-1-CVR_DCD2No superheroes, no aliens, no explosions, this is what you might call a “coming of age” book.

Mixtape issue 1 opens on Labor Day weekend 1990, summer is ending and Jim’s friends are throwing an end of summer bash, when school starts they’ll be Seniors. This is the end of their last teen summer. Brad Abraham has written a John Hughes film set to a soundtrack of The Pixies, Sonic Youth, and The Smiths. The music, the settings, the clothes they all fit perfectly. He really captures that moment in time.

Funny thing though, I dropped out of high school at the age of 16, so I never really had that last summer. And in 1990? I was 20. I know the music, loved it all but I wasn’t a junior in high school listening to it in my parent’s basement. You might think that took away from the story for me. On the contrary, I found Brad’s depictions so genuine, so interesting, I’ve actually reread it a few times. His characters are recognizable without being cookie cutter, flawed in ways you understand yet not predictable. The emotions and their reactions ring true. This isn’t really about high school or the end of summer, it’s a love song to that wonderful awkward moment when everything’s about to change. I really enjoyed this book.

I give it 5 heartfelt “I’m sorry”s to every girl who knew me then, out of 5!

Here are some pages from Mixtape #1

mixtape 01 pag 01 mixtape 01 pag 02

mixtape 01 pag 02 mixtape 01 pag 02

 A few more things to know about this series. It didn’t stop at issue 1! Click over to www.indyplanet.com and pick up actual paper copies (you know like you used to buy!) of issues one, two, and three, each issue focuses on a different character of the group. Or drop by iTunes for a digital copy of issue #1 (two and three coming to digital soon!).

Want to know more about Mixtape and what else Brad has going on? bradabraham.com is a good place to start, there’s also Facebook, and be sure to check him out on twitter as well @NotBradAbraham.

Now I know I’ve got you all excited to read this book so let me throw one more little tidbit your way…

Issue #4 is due out next week! And Carmine Street Comics (34 Carmine St, New York, NY 10014) is having Brad at the store on November 22 to promote and sign copies of the book!

Here’s the official blurb and publication info for Mixtape #1

Mixtape #1
Written by – Brad Abraham
Illustrated by – Jok & Gervasio
Black & White
Page Count: 24

FIRST ISSUE! When asked to escort cute (and interested) Adrienne to an end-of-summer bash, Jim Abbot’s final year of high school is shaping up to be the best ever. But the unexpected return of unrequited love Siobhan to town forces Jim to choose between them, and the impact of that decision will be greater than he could ever imagine.

The story of the rise and fall of the Alternative Rock Revolution of the early 1990s, as experienced through the eyes of five teenaged friends coming of age against its backdrop.

Mixtape #1 TM and © TM Brad Abraham & Ardden Entertainment LLC. All rights reserved.

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