Mission: Improbable! - Valiant Crossover Explodes this March ~ What'cha Reading?

Mission: Improbable! – Valiant Crossover Explodes this March


aa018variantwalshjpg-8853e8_610wBloodshot, the nanite-enhanced supersoldier, and his new teammates, the Harbinger Hunters known as H.A.R.D.Corps, have a new target: Archer & Armstrong!

bscorps020varianthenryjpg-8853ea_610wYou heard right! The teenage, formerly brainwashed super assassin, raised by religous cultists to carry out their nefarious deeds and his immortal, hedonistic drunken sidekick/bodyguard have caught the attention of Project Rising Spirit.

Now PSR is sending their top guns in to eliminate them. Seems a little over the top, dont you think? Kinda like John Goodman and Michael Cera versus the whole cast of Expendables.

BLOODSHOT-Hard-CORPS_014_COVER_JONES tumblr_inline_mi6jpxn6St1qz4rgp

This looks like its going to be one of those crossovers that lives up to its purpose. It’s growing out of both titles organically, and being done by the regular writing teams on both titles,  but with talented Tom Raney, doing his first work at Valiant, taking up penciling on Bloodshot & H.A.R.D.Corps, and Valiant veteran Pere Perez jumping on for the Archer & Armstrong issues.

Current issues of Archer & Amstrong, had the duo split up, Armstrong doing a historical (literally) pub-crawl with his time-traveling brother Ivar, while Archer goes in search of his true origin. An origin that has its start in a compound out in the Nevada desert. A compound run by, you guessed it … Project Rising Spirit.


Turns out, Archer was adopted from that compound by his crazy parents, leaders of the Dominion, a religious cult and part of the Sect. (the Sect is practically every conspiracy theory/secret society you ever heard of, all teaming up together to rule the world, or destroy it, depending on the day).

Now Archer just made a deal with PRS agents to find out the truth behind his birth and his awesome powers, so I’m taking a wild guess and saying something goes wrong, because Mission Improbable has Archer & Armstrong now on the run from PRS, with Bloodshot and H.A.R.D.Corps close on their tails. This is a team of black ops agents implanted with devices that allow them to download  Harbinger powers while on mission, but will eventually lead to death or insanity, led by an unstoppable killing machine, with nanites in his blood and incomparable healing powers.Something tells me this is going to be a hoot… just check out the covers:


Stayed tuned for more Mission Improbable news; when we know it, so will you!

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