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Review by Robert “Rob Base” Greenwood

Minor Acts of Heroism #1

It started out like any other forced hangout session with a sort of Emo kid in a creepy vampire looking mansion. And yeah, maybe going into the haunted looking basement with a weird long pool that went off into the dark depths of the house wasn’t the smartest, but it seriously seemed like a good idea at the time.

Comics have always been a great source of entertainment and have at times made me laugh out loud. This book makes me laugh out loud all the way.

Before being offered at comixology issue one, which was first done in 2010, was (and is) hosted at the minoractsofheroism.com website. It’s a one page released every few days style webcomic. And though it’s very much a web comic it has a much more solid story than most. I love this book, and will continue to support it anyway I can. Oh right, what is this book about you ask?

It starts off as a story that appears to be about two men who seem to have a rather unique history together. They leave their kids alone for a pseudo-play date. One is a nephew and the other is the step son, one dresses rather macabre and the other is colorful as a rainbow, these two kids would never on their own hang out with each other. Yet here they are. As the story progresses you come to learn that the two adults are more than just friends, better yet they are partners in a very typical comic book world. A very dynamic duo who fight for the world, “Super-Heroes “,  “Masked Crime Fighters”, call it what you will but these guys can kick some butt! Yet they still worry about the kids they’ve just left behind. This book has all the makings for an Anime or movie that needs to be done , the word needs to get out there!

It is a solid 4/5 so head over to Comixology and download it today!

Minor Acts of Heroism #1
Published By: Super Cosmic Friends
Written by: Adriana Ferguson, Kristen Van Dam
Pencils: Adriana Ferguson
Inks: Kristen Van Dam
Colored by: Kristen Van Dam
Lettered by: Kristen Van Dam
Genre: Superhero
Page Count: 38 Pages
Digital Release Date: 05/22/2013
Age Rating: 12+ Only

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