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Minions Vol2 – Evil Panic – Deluxe Hardcover Review


Minions Vol2 - Evil Panic - Deluxe Hardcover ReviewThe Minions are back and ready for more (mis)adventures!  Titan Comics has rounded up another collection of shorts starring everyone’s favorite yellow creatures.  As the movies have established there is no real dialogue, the Minions speak a few words in between gibberish and other sounds, so the stories are told through the pictures. Each of the 40 comics in this hardcover is a different story, which is especially fun for readers who want to get younger children into comics.  The children can have a laugh while being able to comprehend what’s going on and not have to get bored with a long story. We see the minions doing everything from cooking to cleaning to playing tricks on each other.  The purple minions even make appearances as well.  In the beginning of the book, there are two pages full of minions and a little caption that reads, “How many minions can you count?”  This is a cool little bonus to get a child reader into the book by giving them something to do and maybe they will like the minions enough to want to see more of them which leads into the story.


Stephane LaPuss is the writer and for something with very little words, he made it fun.  Renaud Collin did the artwork and did a very good job of it.  The comic had a 3D effect to it which is very cool and makes it that much livelier.  It is only about 48 pages long which is a good length and picture driven storytelling makes it an easy read. I recommend this comic for early readers. It’s a great learning tool to help them visualize stories through pictures and use their imagination to formulate a moving image in their minds.  It’s also a great reading tool because even though there aren’t many words, there are enough for the child to learn and repeat.  On the plus side, it is a great way to introduce them to comic books in general.



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