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Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #1 – Preview Review


Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers #1 - Preview ReviewGo Green Ranger Go!  If you followed the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers from day one like I did, you’ll know that song plays when the Green Ranger is in the heat of battle.  In this issue, he’s not in the heat of battle as a Green Ranger fighting monsters but as Tommy Oliver in the heat of battle against high school and fitting in while fending off Rita’s voice in his head.  Zordon puts him through a simulated battle situation where he must save the public.  He believes he failed but Zordon says he was supposed to.  Zordon was testing his ability to make quick decisions to save as many lives as possible, which he did.  Rita still has a slight hold on Tommy which she uses to her advantage by sending Scorpina to a job for her.

The best part of this comic was how Bulk and Skull are featured right at the beginning doing what they would do on the TV show; trying to learn more about the Power Rangers in their own unique, goofball way.  They kept true to the show by sparking the eventual romance between Tommy and Kimberly as he struggles to cope with being a ranger and part of the group in high school.  Kyle Higgins did a great job with the story and stayed true to the classics.  Hendry Prasetya’s artwork and Matt Herms’s colors capture the world of The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers and Angel Grove superbly and Jamal Campbell’s cover is great.  The fight scene motif is excellent and attention-grabbing.  The assortment of variation covers is extensive and one is just amazing as the next.

I never thought as a child that Power Rangers would endure over 20 years after the first episode aired but it has and for those of us who have been there from day one, it is a piece of our childhoods to hold onto once again.  There’s a reboot in the works and a new line of toys coming out this year so it’s fitting that Boom! Studios has released a comic book series and will be releasing a Pink Ranger spin-off this May.  Stay tuned for the next issue and the Pink Ranger series and may the Power protect you!

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Power Rangers #1
Written by Kyle Higgins
Artwork by Hendry Prasetya
Colors by Matt Herms
Cover by Jamal Campbell
28 pages

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