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The Mighty – A Cautionary Tale for the Age of Superheros


TheMightyTP-cvrI was never a Superman fan, I have so many problems with the character in general but my biggest is the absolute power problem. Any being that powerful, left unchecked, with no one to challenge such a being is a recipe for disaster. Peter Tomasi & Keith Champagne have given us a fable for modern times. Interestingly they sidestepped some of the obvious Superman tropes, Alpha One has no alter-ego, no normal friends, no living family. Some would say this is what makes him inferior to Kal-el but I never bought Kal’s ability to maintain all that stuff with any perspective even approaching human. In one of my favorite moments in The Mighty we see Alpha One hovering above the city, listening. The toll all those voices take on him is obvious, but at the same time he is aloof. The look on his face is not concern but disdain. How could it not be? If you knew beyond any doubt that you were physically and mentally superior to everyone around you, how long could you really stay interested in the problems of ants? So disconnecting Alpha One from humanity doesn’t feel odd, actually it seems more logical, even to someone who’s read a ton of superhero comics.

Tomasi and Champagne give us a good balance of seeing the crazy that is Alpha’s real personality while also following his newest handler (second in command, press secretary, chief of staff) Gabriel Cole who though suspicious is under the same impression as the rest of the world. Alpha One is the world’s protector. Isn’t he?

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When the wheels come off the bus, and oh boy do they come off, we see what Alpha One’s plan for humanity really is. And it is a doozy. As I said in the opening this really is a modern-day fable, one showing what absolute power and trusting the one that wields it can result in a very messy situation. I highly recommend checking this out. I had it on my pull list throughout the series and I’ll be buying the trade as well.

5 out of 5.

Pick this one up this week, a new story starts in Dark Horse Presents #6 on the stands December 17th.

The Mighty TP
Writer: Tomasi, Peter J.
Artist: Samnee, Chris
Cover Artist: Sook, Ryan
On Sale: December 03, 2014
Publisher: Dark Horse
Diamond Id: AUG140084
Price: $19.99
ISBN: 978161655502351999

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