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Mezco Toy Fair Preview – 2016’s Mez-Itz!



This morning I had the pleasure of joining fellow writer Steven and Editor-in-Chief Chuck at Mezco Toyz for a sneak peek at their 2016 line of toys and collectibles.  While the crowd started for the One:12 Collective showcase complete with toys ranging from Frankenstein to Daredevil to Batman v Superman, I took a first look at a set of toys I had reported on last month–the Suicide Squad Mez-Itz set.  As soon as I laid eyes on them, I was sold.  Even though they are small, the likenesses of the toys to the actors and actresses is uncanny.  If you look at Harley Quinn you see Margot Robbie.  She even comes with a baseball bat accessory.  They are very well-detailed and will make a great addition to any collection.

IMG_0318Immediately underneath the Suicide Squad display, I saw a Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Mez-Itz set featuring Superman, Armored Batman, Wonder Woman and Batman.  All of the figures looked great but Wonder Woman impressed me the most.  She didn’t look exactly like Gal Gadot in the same way Harley looked exactly like Margot Robbie, but you can see the spirit of Gal Gadot in the Mez-Itz figure.  She has a fierce look and a specific hairstyle.  While I was still taking in these two sets, my eyes caught another display which was a blast from the past–Batman Returns.   There was a set featuring Batman, The Penguin and Catwoman from Tim Burton’s 1992 sequel.  Batman looked exactly like Michael Keaton did under the cowl.  There was even a version of Batman that comes with the Tim Burton Batmobile.  The release dates of these items range from May to September 2016.


Mezco Toyz impressed me a lot today.  I felt like a kid in a candy store walking into the showroom and seeing what they had to offer.  My favorite part was the Mez-Itz display, but the presentation as a whole was fantastic.  There was a Good Guy Chucky doll that looked so lifelike I was ready for it to come alive.  I saw a Mortal Kombat display in which the figures were so detailed, I could hear Scorpion yelling, “Get over here!”

I extend special thanks to Drake for opening the showroom to What’cha Reading and to Pierre for answering all of our questions.  I look forward to more products from Mezco Toyz and if I was able to, I’d have bought the entire Batman and Suicide Squad line on the spot.

For more on Mezco Toys, please visit and stay tuned for more coverage from Mezco Toyz’ Toy Fair preview!

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