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Mezco Toy Fair 2016 Preview – One:12!


Photography by Steven Biscotti

Yesterday we had the opportunity to attend Mezco’s Toy Fair Preview in Long Island City, NY.  It was one of the highlights of our Toy Fair 2015 experience (you could read about it here and here) and, once again, the good people at Mezco Toyz did not disappoint.  The spotlight was undoubtedly on Mezco’s One:12 Collective, which only started last year, and when the doors opened for the media, the rush was to see just how Mezco would expand their small, but great line of figures.  The answer – a surprise license and a MARVELous showroom!

IMG_0305While the One:12 Collective Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice figures were expected to be on display and steal the spotlight, it was the surprise of seeing One:12 Collective figures for Marvel brand characters like Daredevil, The Punisher, and Captain America.  Up until Mezco’s Toy Fair Preview, there was not one word said or any singular image hinting, linking, and/or revealing that the Long Island City based collectible company had secured a license with Marvel and were developing 12 scale (6 inch) action figures.  In speaking with Mezco’s Pierre Kalenzaga, he went on to say that the night before their Toy Fair Preview was a restless one as, up to the current moment, secrecy revolving around the One:12 Marvel figures were at an all time high.  They had been working on them for just under a year and the grand hope was to properly show them off to the media first as opposed to media and retailers at the same time.  “We try to focus on the fans as much as possible” Kalenzaga told us and their specific attention the fans is exactly what makes Mezco Toys such a fun company to watch.

IMG_0326 IMG_0337 IMG_0344 IMG_0313

Daredevil, The Punisher, and Captain America were all on display.  The projected date of release for them is October 2016.  Unlike the movie based properties, Mezco’s work with Marvel has allowed them to express themselves more creatively as there has been more room to depict the characters in their own way.  The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice One:12 figures, naturally, have to adhere exactly to the movie costumes.  Could we say it’s possible to see Suicide Squad and Justice League One:12 figures down the line?

_MG_2100 _MG_2099 _MG_2098

Excitingly, Mezco also unveiled a Universal Classic Monster One:12 figure of Frankenstein, and a Captain Kirk, Spock, and Sulu action figure.  Based on the reception and sales of their Star Trek line, it’s possible we will see more crew members added.  “I’d love to see Next Generation.  A Worf, Data… Those would be great.” Pierre Kalenzaga added.

IMG_0265 IMG_0267 IMG_0268

The One: 12 Collective is Mezco’s flagship series and “labor of love” for a toy company known for their love of toys.  We were told that every aspect of their new series has been micro-managed and it reflects in their figures.  “We’re trying to bring the aesthetic that many people are getting in 12″, the high-end aesthetic ‘the premium format’ into a smaller format.  We’re tooling up a handful of different base bodies and on those bodies we’ll be able to build different characters so we’ll have a larger body for someone like Superman, a medium build for someone like Green Arrow for instance, a thin body for The Flash and then we could even part swap within those bodies so we could build a range of different characters.  We have the entire DC line open to us, even various Hanna Barbara characters like Space Ghost.” said Pierre Kalenzaga.

IMG_0282 IMG_0283

Mezco Toyz have always been a company I liked.  Their Reservoir Dogs action figures were great and an action figure line I greatly awaited way back when.  While they are more known for their horror collectibles, it will be amazing to see the reception to them as they easily become more competitive with their One:12 Collective.  In speaking with Pierre Kalenzaga, I went on to say that having both Marvel and DC is a real game changer.  The One:12 Collective figures are amazing in how much articulation and detail you get in a six inch figure.  Offering a Hot Toys-esque product in such a small scale is something fans and collectors should rightfully be excited for and having a variety of figures, from the movie Batman and Superman, to the addition of Marvel, and even expanding on the DC line with Green Arrow, The Flash, Reverse Flash, and Shazam is stunning.  The One:12 Collective is understandably Mezco Toyz flagship series and it will be very exciting to watch as this line continually grows and reaches more fans and collectors.


I’d like to thank Mezco Toyz for inviting us to take a look at all of their great products before the enormity of next week’s Toy Fair.  It was a massively fun and rewarding experience.  Also, be sure to check out Joe’s coverage of Mezco’s Mez-Itz line here.

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