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Meteor Men Returns with a Second Printing!


Meteor Men Returns with a Second Printing!

We reviewed the trade release of Meteor Men back in August 2014 (Review – Meteor Men Oni Press – “Do you think we’re alone… in all this?”) and it was a slam dunk, 5 out of 5 al the way. Don’t want to take my word for it? It was nominated for a 2015 Will Eisner Award in the category of Best Publication for Teens (13-17.) The writing (Jeff Parker), the art (Sandy Jarrell), the colors (Kevin Volo) combined to make this a perfect package. I’m really happy to see Oni is bringing the trade back for a new printing. If you missed it the first time, only have it in digital, or maybe buy it for a friend, this is a solid well written thought-provoking sci-fi book. A perfect book to give to someone who needs that little nudge into taking comics seriously.

The new printing of Meteor Men will be available in June ’15 ask for it at your local retailer

Meteor Men #1
Writer: Jeff Parker
Art: Sandy Jarrell
Colors: Kevin Volo
Publisher: Oni Press

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