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Review – Meteor Men Oni Press


Review - Meteor Men Oni Press“Do you think we’re alone… in all this?”

Great opening, great question, haven’t we all asked it? Wondered about it? And what better event to conjure those thoughts and questions than a meteor shower.

Alden is a good kid and though his parents are gone (killed by a drunk driver) and he’s being chaperoned through life by a well-meaning uncle (a local English professor) and he seems to be leading a well-adjusted normal life.

That is until the meteor shower.

Of the hundreds of meteors that inexplicably crash all over the surface of the Earth the shower also deposits one on Alden’s farm, forever altering his life and the lives of those he cares about. This is one of those stories that asks more than the obligatory are we alone in the universe, Jeff Parker also asks are we alone here, among our own kind, and what does it mean to be part of something. I try very hard to not notice the creative teams on the books I read before I read them, I like to approach books fresh with as few preconceptions as possible. But after the fact, when I’ve formed an opinion it’s always nice to see that a book I enjoyed was written or drawn by someone whose work I’ve enjoyed previously. This is a good example of that. Jeff Parker has written some of my favorites, Underground and Kings Watch principal among them. Sandy Jarrell was relatively new to me, I haven’t read his Batman ’66 yet but I found his work steady, intuitive, and I loved his take on the alien race. Kevin Volo’s colors were a treat, muted in the right places bright in others.

I was lucky enough to read this one as a complete graphic novel and man it was a good read. Now they’re making the single issues available in digital format at comiXology. You’ll notice links to buy the digital and pre-order the print below, personally I prefer print.

As a total package this graphic novel is a 5 out of 5.

Meteor Men #1
Writer: Jeff Parker
Art: Sandy Jarrell
Colors: Kevin Volo
Publisher: Oni Press

Get it digitally here, or in print in mid October (order with Diamond order code JUN141331).

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