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Mercy St. Clair is Back with Dark Horse’s Trekker Omnibus! 8 Page Preview!


Trekker, Ron Randall’s mid-’80s title starring female bounty hunter, Mercy St. Clair, is back both in a 300+ page omnibus that collects Mercy’s complete adventures and adds 60 pages of new material.  There’s a foreword by Gail Simone that emphasizes the importance of this title, especially to young female readers like Gail; like me; like a lot of girls who grew up wearing Boba Fett helmets along with our training bras.

Gail Simone puts it best when she says, “It’s of stuff like Trekker that revolutions are begun. A female character that is sexy but not sexualized, that is tough but not without flaws and doubts, and that is dangerous but not without compassion.”



This was my first time reading Trekker, and I enjoyed it. It’s definitely got its roots in the 1980s – Mercy could be on the cover of a Duran Duran album; she’s a conflicted heroine who must be strong in a man’s world while guarding her heart – a popular ’80s trope for female heroines. She’s hard-boiled but wants to love, often feeling guilty because her sometime boyfriend loves her more than she feels capable of loving back. But none of this takes away from the fact that, quite frankly, Mercy will mess you up if you cross her.

She’s a bounty hunter in a dystopian future – think Blade Runner, think Escape from New York. Hell, think Predator 2 or Robocop. Crime is rampant, and the police can’t handle it alone. Trekkers – licensed bounty hunters – help stem the tide, while being loathed by the police for their very existence. And Mercy, whose Uncle Alex happens to be a lieutenant on the force, which presents an interesting relationship. She’s relentless in search of her prey and her pay, and yet, she’s not superhuman. She presents a very relatable character, and while some of the relationship stories could verge on the melodramatic, the action never lagged and kept me turning pages.

Stories are in both original black and white and color, with a sketchbook at the end of the book. Ron Randall has writing and art duties on Trekker, and it translates well. There are no power suits and floppy bow ties here, just good, urban science fiction and fantasy jumpsuits and trenchcoats. And to my delight, I discovered that there’s a new Trekker story happening on, where a new Mercy adventure is updated every Monday.

Give Trekker a shot if you like strong female characters. I’ll be reading along with the new adventure, The Train to Avalon Bay, and follow Mercy along on her newest adventure. The omnibus just hit shelves yesterday, so get it while it’s fresh. In the meantime, check out some art from the book:

trekker_1 trekker_2 trekker_3

trekker_4 trekker_5 trekker_6

trekker_7 trekker_8

Writer: Ron Randall
Artist: Ron Randall
Format: Trade Paperback
Publisher: Dark Horse
On Sale; August 7, 2013
Price: $24.99
ISBN: 978-1-61655211452499
Diamond ID: APR130016

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