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Mega Bloks HALO Covenant Drone Outbreak Set Toy Review


Mega Bloks HALO Covenant Drone Outbreak Set Toy ReviewWe’ve been reviewing a lot of toys lately, and it’s been a hell of a lot of fun. Being the father of two children under the age of 10 means my life has toys in it constantly (often more than are mentally sound), then add in friends like Rob Base from Alternative Mindz and things get even more toy-centric. Rob contacted me after Toy Fair 2015 and asked if I’d be interested in doing a build video for I knew what that meant, more toys! So here we are reviewing the brand new HALO Covenant Drone Outbreak set!

First the specs, set CND03 aka Covenant Drone Outbreak has 378 pieces, retails for $29.99, and is rated 8+.

What do you get out of the 378 pieces?

  • 1 USNC supply truck
  • 2 poseable UNSC Spartan micro action figures, with interchangeable armor system
  • 2 Covenant Drones
  • Weapons:Tactical Shotgun, two Plasma Pistols, M247H Heavy Machine Gun with tripod, Target Locator, and Grenadier Backpack
  • Ruins

This was a rough build. It took just shy of 2 hours. To build a truck. And a half-wall of ruins. Why so intense? Well the main difficulty is the color. The truck is a mottle black green camouflage type thing. Pour over 300 pieces of that color on a surface and try to build with them? Recipe for a headache. Normally I wouldn’t pour all the pieces out at once but Mega Bloks does not labeling the bags and spreads parts between multiple bags so you really don’t have a choice.

At this point you’re probably thinking this isn’t a very positive review but to be honest I really like this set. It might have been difficult but the result is gorgeous. The truck is sturdy, looks perfect, and has great play potential. The micro figures are highly poseable and the drones are creepy and detailed.


If you’re an experienced builder with patience and you love a set that really looks perfect after completion you should pick this one up. Check it out in detail at

And if you’re interested in seeing the build video keep and eye on our twitter feed (@whatchareading1) and on


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