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Mean Girls + Breaking Bad = NUTMEG #1


What happens when you introduce a new girl into an all-girls private school run by a mean girl clique? Yep, you have some Mean Girls action going on. But what if that new girl knows how to bake, and decides to take the battle to Bake Sale levels?

Mean Girls + Breaking Bad = NUTMEG #1

Nutmeg is about a girl named Cassia, a new student arriving at Mason Montgomery school. Saffron, the head mean girl, gives her attitude right off the bat, but another classmate named Poppy befriends her, giving her the scoop on the school, the neighborhood, and Saffron & company. While talking with Poppy, Cassia comes up with an idea to get back at Saffron.

There’s so much to enjoy here. It’s a story told in hindsight, so we know from the beginning that the story has ended, and consequences are going to be doled out. Who doesn’t love that kind of voyeuristic reading? The girls look like they’re riding in a police car at some point, so that just whets the appetite.

I love that Cassia isn’t cowed at all by being the new girl and having the obviously popular girl sass her. She goes right back at her. Let’s get more of these non-shrinking violets in girls’ stories! Show girls that you don’t always need a sword and shield to be fierce (there’s plenty of time for that when they grow up).

The art can be best described as “comic realism”. There’s no exaggerated expressions or coloring; it’s good, realistic art with a nice animated flourish. The variant covers are fantastic – there’s an X-Men inspired one that I clapped when I saw, and a Breaking Bad one that just works on so many levels.

Nutmeg is going to be out in March from Action Lab. They’ve put out some consistently good, all-ages comics for girls, like Princeless, Molly Danger, and Shinobi, Ninja Princess (and don’t forget Planet Gigantic). Let’s support Action Lab as they support all-ages, positive female characters. Get out there and read!

Writer: James F. Wright
Artist: Jackie Crofts
Publisher: Action Lab
Price: $3.99
On-Sale: 3/25/15
Diamond ID: JAN150927

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