McFarlane Sues Al Simmons Over ‘The Art of Being Spawn’

Stories like this crack me up, from the article at ICv2:

“Todd McFarlane and several of his companies have filed suit in federal court against former McFarlane employees Al and Melanie Simmons over the publication of Al Simmons book, The Art of Being Spawn.  The suit alleges that the book misappropriates confidential information and violates intellectual property rights.”

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So wait McFarlane had an employee named Al Simmons, Spawns actual name in the book and HBO animated series. McFarlane and Image allowed him to appear at conventions in a “meet the real spawn” capacity. This goes on into 2006. That man writes an autobiography. Then McFarlane (and several of his companies) sue Mr Simmons?

In the suit they (McFarlane et al.) refute Simmons’ claim that he was the inspiration for Spawn. Then also claim that the book discloses confidential information which Simmons’ had agreed not to disclose. They also claim copyright infringement. Damages are in excess of $75,000 and an injunction is being sought.

Oh McFarlane isn’t suing the publisher of the autobiography. It was published and distributed by Image, of which McFarlane is part owner.

I’ve always considered Todd McFarlane a jerk, he just keeps proving me right.

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