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Mature Reader Titles Coming From Action Lab This January


Two trade paper releases and two issues of ongoing titles are on tap for Action Lab’s Mature line this January.

From the press release:

Mature Reader Titles Coming From Action Lab This JanuaryDRYSPELL TPB
Writer(s): Ken Krekeler
Artist Name(s): Ken Krekeler
Cover Artist(s): Ken Krekeler

Tom Ferris is a forgotten button-down man in a world of super-heroes who streaking across the sky and hurl themselves over rooftops at night. They are commonplace. Each night, he lies awake though, wishing to be the man he was. Today, Tom gets his wish. And the world will never forget him again! Collects the critically acclaimed engrossing four issue series.

128 pgs./ Mature Readers/ FC $14.99

HolyFuck_2_cover_regular_solicitHOLY F*CK #2
Writer(s): Nick Marino
Artist Name(s): Daniel Arruda Massa
Cover Artist(s): Daniel Arruda Massa (regular covers), Jerry Gaylord limited variant covers)

Zeus, Isis, and the rest of Earth’s mythological gods have a destructive plan to regain humanity’s worship. Will it work? Not if Jesus, Satan, and a nun named Maria have anything to say about it! (That is, if Jesus and Satan can keep their hormones under control long enough to mount an attack.) Includes two limited variant covers by Jerry Gaylord, limited to 1,500 copies each.
32 pgs./Mature Readers/ FC $3.99/$4.99 Variant


ZombieTramp_7_cover_regular_solicitZOMBIE TRAMP #7

Writer(s): Jason Martin, Dan Mendoza
Artist Name(s): Winston Young
Cover Artist(s): TMChu, Dan Mendoza (limited variant)
Risque variant cover (limited to 2500): TMChu
Artist variant cover (limited to 2000): Dan Mendoza

As Zombie Tramp makes her way through the Southwest, she stops for a bite at a local fast food chain. It seems that ordering off the menu at this chicken joint can land you in the nugget grinder though, so Janey will have to wield her budding necro powers well if she wants to stay undead!
Features a variant cover by Dan Mendoza (limited to 2000 copies) and a risqué variant cover (limited to 2500 copies).

32 pgs./Mature Readers/ FC $3.99/$4.99 Variant


ZombieTramp_vol3_TPB_cover_solicit_finalZOMBIE TRAMP VOLUME 3 TPB
Writer(s): Dan Mendoza, Jason Martin
Artist Name(s): TMChu
Cover Artist(s): TMChu

Zombie Tramp begins her new ongoing adventures, learning more about her growing supernatural abilities while traveling the seedier streets the US has to offer… and what better place to start off than Sin City! But can Janey survive her encounter with the “King” of the Las Vegas sex trade?

Collects the first four issues of the wildly popular sexy and dangerous new ongoing series.
128 pgs./ Mature Readers/ FC $14.99


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